PUA/Game: Just Got Banned from a Store for “Harassment”

This is the most BS charge I’ve ever heard of. I patronize the local Starbucks coffee shop a lot, typically every day. This has been going on for years. I’ve never been told by anyone that there was ever any problem involving me. This is over years now. I am talking maybe 10 years.

Well I go in tonight, and one guy, who, granted, can be asshole if he wants to be, although I know him extremely well for years and we have talked about everything under the sun. He sees me coming and “gets into position” apparently in advance of having a conversation with me. He doesn’t look particularly friendly.

I put my mind into a “see nothing, hear nothing,  speak nothing” form of mind where you probably literally have no idea what I am thinking. I’m hiding cognitively and emotionally. I often do this in socially touchy situations where I want to maintain a bit of distance.

I was trying to maintain distance from this guy as lately he has been giving me stupid messages about breaking social rules, and he’s starting to  really piss me off. He has a list of 900,000 social rules – 600,000 things you can’t say and 300,000 things you can’t do. I try to follow the rules, but I keep forgetting them.

It’s all my fault. I know I should remember 900,000 fucktarded rules that are all about things I can’t say or do. They’re all nothing but restrictions on my behavior. Fuck that. I feel like I’m in a cage. I will obey many or even most of the rules, but some people’s rules are just insane. I will talk about these in a future post.

He informs me in serious tone that I am not allowed to come into the store anymore. I am banned. “A number” of young women complained that I was “harassing” them. Later it turned out that “a number” means two and “harassment” means sexual harassment.

I had to think long and hard about who that might be, and I was entertaining all sorts of theories. He said he was required to tell me that. I asked him to give me some details on the complaint, and he said he could not do that.

This is the new #metoo feminist insanity: you often have no idea what the complaint against you is. You have no idea what you did wrong except make some lame cunt feel “uncomfortable.” And we are talking about women here, creatures who probably feel “uncomfortable” 50% of the time no matter what’s going on, and that’s on a good day. That probably even goes for when they are alone.

So I went to the other coffee shop. I kept thinking it was a group of young women, maybe 18, at an outside table as I was getting my coffee condiments. I knew they were not interested in me. I could tell. But they were nice to look at and pretty, happy, laughing young women are always a delight to watch even on a purely nonsexual basis.

However, I didn’t want to stare at them so I placed my gaze literally on their table a foot or so away from any of them (on one far end of the table). If you looked at me, it would seem as if I were looking at something on the table. I did this because I did not want to look at those young women directly.

I often look at a table, the wall, the sky, something across the street, etc. when I want to view some people. That way you get a panorama view of everyone in the area, but you are not looking directly at anyone. You can’t see people as well as when you focus on them, but you still get a good overall view. You’re only staring at someone if you are looking directly at them.  You’re never staring at someone if you are looking at a wall, a table, or the sky.

So I thought that they busted me. But that was a week or so ago, and they would have had to have complained that day. So that pretty much didn’t make sense. Because they needed someone to complain about, they had to have complained about me when I was in the store at the time of the offense. If they complained later, they would not be able to describe who I was.

Since action would have probably taken place immediately on  receiving the complaint, it had to be recent. Very recent. I didn’t think they would wait even one day to inform me of the ban. The ban probably went into place upon immediate receipt of the ban. So I zeroed in on yesterday, as that was the last time I was in the store.

What had happened yesterday? I think I had a casual conversation with a couple of young women. I had had this conversation with them about a fire in the area because there was smoke everywhere. Now I had to figure out when the fire was.

Bingo! Turns out it was yesterday. So yesterday is when I talked to the young women about the fire.  They must have complained about me as soon as I left the store, otherwise employees would not have known who they were talking about.

So that was it. The fire conversation.

Here is literally what happened. I am

Two young women, maybe 18, standing in back of me in line. We exchange looks a few times. I move over towards one and say”

Me: “Looks there is a fire somewhere. There’s smoke in the air. Doesn’t that look like smoke?”

She is extremely friendly as I talk.

She nods her head.

Her: “Yes, it does look like smoke.”

I go back and order. I get done with my order, and as I am putting my stuff away, I wave the women to come over and order anyway even though I am still at the counter. Note that this is an extremely, almost over the top, polite thing to do and a lot of people don’t do it. So my behavior was not just polite but extremely polite. I always do this as I am extremely polite and don’t like to make people wait.

One of them hesitates as if to say are you sure we can come up now?

I nod my head of course. She comes and orders. Orders a frappuchino. An iced drink. I say,

Me: “Cold drink on today? Today’s too cold for a cold drink.”

She giggles.

Her: “I always order a cold drink no matter what the weather is like.”

They leave somehow before I am done putting my stuff away.

I go over to the condiments counter and put stuff in my coffee. I look over at the young women a few times, as they are to my right maybe 15 feet away. They don’t return my glances for whatever reason, but this is something that happens to me constantly, as in every single day, so I think nothing of it.

Then I think. I should go over and inform the young women that I know the source of the fire. I walk over 15 feet to their table. They both turn around. I point to the smoke outside.

Me: “There’s a fire in Sacramento. That’s what all the smoke is, apparently.”

They both nod their heads as if they appreciate this information that adds to our previous conversation.

Her:Ah, yes.”

…as if this information is interesting to her, as it explains the smoke. They are both extremely friendly. After I say one sentence, I immediately turn and walk away since I am not getting any IOI from these young women.

I will walk over to someone’s table and talk to them, but if I get no IOI or indication that they want me to stick around and talk them, I usually just turn tail and walk away. Basically because I don’t want them to think I am trying to pick up on them.

I am actually very shy, reserved, and conservative, believe it or not. I am also a hardcore introvert with all of the guilt and  extreme conscience that goes along with that.

I am also analyzing my behavior all the time to see how it is going over. In particular, I am very paranoid of #metoo and sexual assault crap, so whenever I am talking to women, especially  young women, I am always trying to see if I get an IOI.

If no IOI, I don’t flirt, come onto them, try to pick up on them, try to get their numbers, or ask them out. Also I figure that means that they are not interested in me sexually, so I pretty much shut down my sexual interest too to the extent that that is possible.

For a few years now, I pretty much get zero IOI’s anywhere I go, especially from young women, so for quite some time now, I never flirt, come onto, or try to pick up on women, and I never try to get their numbers or ask them out. I am the ultimate shy, inoffensive man with no sexual interest in women who never flirts, comes onto women, or asks them out or for their numbers.

I ask you all to look at the conversation above and see if there is any sexual harassment going on. As you can see, I am literally talking about the weather! Talking about the weather is the ultimate inoffensive conversation. But I guess you can’t even do that anymore because so many women are such cunts nowadays that if you try to talk to the weather with them, that literally constitutes sexual harassment.

I guess these women think any conversation at all from an undesired man is sexual harassment. I guess it’s sexual harassment to say:

“Nice day.”



“Nice weather we are having, eh?”

“Rainy  enough for you?”

“Brr, I’m cold. Is it cold out there or what?”

If the woman thinks the man is not attractive or desirable.

So now, incredibly, sexual harassment doesn’t even have to have anything to do with sex! It can have zero sexual content whatsoever. If you try to talk to some woman about anything on Earth, and she does not want you talking to her, that’s somehow sexual harassment!

This is incredible, and it’s also very bizarre. Any woman can get any man banned from anywhere at any time. All she has to say is, “That man was harassing us.” Does she need to provide details? Of course not.

The mere fact that he was talking to them at all constitutes sexual harassment! Does she need to say what he said or did, specifically in a sexual tone or sense, that qualifies the behavior as sexual harassment? Of course not!

The conversation and behavior can be 100% nonsexual, and now apparently even completely nonsexual words and behavior now constitutes sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is literally any time any woman feels bothered, annoyed, or made to feel uncomfortable by any man anywhere for any reason no matter what he said or did!  Make a woman feel uncomfortable and it’s harassment!

How are we supposed to know if our words or behavior are making a woman uncomfortable?  There’s no way to tell! What might be fine with one woman might be serious harassment to another.

Is there any way to tell while you are interacting with a woman that you are making her feel uncomfortable? Of course not! These two women are all smiles and pleasantness.

Usually when a woman doesn’t want to talk to you, she gives off those vibes. There are literally a million verbal and nonverbal ways to do this, I’ve seen them all, and I know them very well. Here I had a conversation with two young women, and they smiled, laughed, and thanked me for the words and gave off the impression of a consensual conversation in which both parties were consenting enthusiastically of their own free will.

I really need to know what in God’s name I did wrong. Except maybe that at my age, I am forbidden to talk to any young woman anywhere for any reason because I can only make them uncomfortable. I’ve actually been thinking just that for some time now because those are the vibes I often get.

I’m not going to shut down and stop talking to other humans no matter what fucked up attitudes they have. If they don’t want to talk to me, they can make that clear, and I will end the conversation and take off.

But this idea that for some reason, I am so old, ugly, undesirable, or creepy now solely because of my age that I am not allowed to converse with 50% of the population is absurd. I’m going to rebel against that. I only have one life here, and I intend to enjoy it. Telling me I’m not allowed to talk to half the human race anymore pisses me off. I don’t care if that’s the message of humanity. I’m going to break that fucking rule whether people like it or not.

Final message to all feminists:

Burn in Hell, cunts!

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36 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Just Got Banned from a Store for “Harassment””

  1. This happened to be at a department store for gawking, which was falsely expanded to “taking pictures with a cellphone, but I had no cellphone!”. Well, the worst of it and how I knew it was BS was how a lie was made about me talking to women (as in sexual flirting) when I’m a shy type that would never do that in a million years.

    1. A lot of women just don’t like you or do not see you as attractive for some reason. The fact that you are interested in them sexually at all infuriates and enrages them. Basically you have no right to have a sex drive.

      Can you explain more thoroughly? Were you staring? At whom if you were? For how long? Was the staring charge bogus?

      Wow those cunts made up two completely different total fucking lies about you simply because they didn’t like you and apparently they were not attracted to you.

      Was it women who made up these lies? If so, was it young women? Which race? Were any men in on these lies?

      1. Well, I was hanging around stores, just messing around before I would go the 24 hour gym. Actually, I had been visiting that shopping center for years – only until recently when I started getting staring accusations.

        But…I don’t believe in staring at women. But women are so mean to men these days that they’re just wanting to rip us apart. I mean, they could have ignored the behavior, but I guess they really thought I had a cell phone. Who doesn’t have one these days?).

        But then again, there was a guy in town who really took pics with a cellphone. He was busted and got a serious sentence.

          1. No, I didn’t have one on me, so that’s why I wasn’t arrested – only banned from the store.

            No, what I meant to say was photo evidence made it “seem like I had a cellphone.”

          2. Jeez, you mean they had a photograph of you?

            Why were you banned from the store? For talking to women? This whole charge seems straight up bogus. You had no cellphone and you weren’t talking to any women at all.

        1. Yeah I have gotten a couple of staring accusations too. I was thrown out of another Starbucks for “looking at the baristas and making them uncomfortable.”
          I guess I looked at one’s tits. WTF all men do this. It’s normal behavior to look at women and their bodies. These cunts need to get over it.

          But…I don’t believe in staring at women. But women are so mean to men these days that they’re just wanting to rip us apart.

          Wait, so you weren’t staring at all? There is a way to look at women without staring at them. I am pretty good at it now.

          A lot of women nowadays are just pure cunts from Hell. I honestly don’t care if they live or die, most of them. They’re scum.

      2. A lot of women just don’t like you or do not see you as attractive for some reason. The fact that you are interested in them sexually at all infuriates and enrages them. Basically you have no right to have a sex drive.

        Well, they can always confront the person, but now they going to extremes and making harassment charges.

  2. I’ve stopped patronizing Starbucks for any reason. It’s the faggiest coffee chain in the whole world. I’ve been to a Starbucks outlet in many countries — they’re all the same. Run by soulless, stupid baristas. In many cases, they close early at 10 PM just when I’m getting in the mood. The Wi-Fi Internet doesn’t work sometimes, and mostly they attract all kinds of emo kids and gothic subhumans.

    Their beverages are always unhealthy- loaded with sugar, cream, aloe vera, and shit, and they all taste like human piss anyway. Fuck the chai latte or whatever. It’s revolting. I don’t mind their espresso/Cappuccino, but if required I’ll have them as a “to go”.

    Sure Gaybucks might have many beautiful chicks on a weekend night, but the baristas are mostly going to stonewall you. I think that’s like a basic qualification to hired there, you have to be into #MeToo bullshit. Something to do with their corporate culture which promotes faggy behavior. I call it Gaybucks for a reason.

    It does feel painful to be banned from a store because some stupid fag thought he saw something he didn’t see. But fuck them. You’ve got a car. Drive elsewhere and stay the fuck out of Gaybucks. There’s a million other respectable places to eat and ogle new birds.

    1. Sure Gaybucks might have many beautiful chicks on a weekend night, but the baristas are mostly going to stonewall you. I think that’s like a basic qualification to hired there, you have to be into #MeToo bullshit.

      Yeah, I have never had one bit of luck with one single barista. Never even asked one out or for her number. In 15 years. As you can see I am a totally evil sexual harasser! No dates, no asks for dates, no phone numbers in 15 years. I mean ban this piece of shit Harvey Weinstein. He’s a menace to women! He belongs in jail, not roaming around!

      And it is just occurring to me now but at every store, they are all way overboard into the most insane SJW bullshit you could imagine. Of course mellenials are for most part totally gone as far as SJW’s.

      But this new Generation Z is the most insane generation of all. All women 18-23 are completely crazed feminist nutcases, and a lot of the young men are too. That’s the faggiest and cuckiest generation of “men” I’ve ever seen in my life. They all seem to be into this #metoo insanity and they believe in a steroid-fueled version of it that says:

      “If you make a woman feel uncomfortable, it’s sexual harassment.”

      They are all totally insane on race. You can’t even bring up the very concept. It’s “racist” to acknowledge that it exists at all.

      They are all way off the rails on homosexuality and there has never been a group of Whites who are more homosexual and bisexual than this Generation Z group. Over 50% of them say they are some species of homosexual or bisexual! Less than 50% are completely straight! And gays are made of solid gold and can never do anything wrong.

      They are all whacked out about trannyism too and they will insist with a straight face that there are 135 different genders. A 28 year old woman who I befriended told me:

      Everyone gets to choose their own gender.

      WTF does that even mean? That’s bullshit. There’s like 135 to choose from. How bout choosing from two whole genders – male and female? But if you say that, you’re a Nazi!

      1. But this new Generation Z is the most insane generation of all. All women 18-23 are completely crazed feminist nutcases, and a lot of the young men are too. That’s the faggiest and cuckiest generation of “men” I’ve ever seen in my life. They all seem to be into this #metoo insanity and they believe in a steroid-fueled version of it that says:

        You’re only figuring it now because you belong to a different generation that really lived it up in the ’80s (I envy you, man. That was the best time to be young). It’s beyond your understanding actually to comprehend Generation Z behavior.

        Sure there are a few good honorable exceptions, but it is very difficult for older generations to get along with Generation Z (anyone born after 1993/1994 etc.)

        I am myself a Generation Y millennial and even I can’t get along with many Gen Z specimens, especially the boys. Technically, I am closer to them than you are but there’s simply nothing we have in common. For you, the gulf can only be wider.

        I call the Generation Z the “scaredy cat” generation. They are too much into decorum and afraid to upset the status quo. They’ve never heard this line: If you want to make an omelet, you must break an egg first. Most of them don’t eat the egg-yolks anyway. They’ll eat egg-whites pasta or something and throw away the yolk, the most nutritious thing that an egg has. Oh, they also eat a lot of soybeans.

        Employers love Generation Z because they are the most easily compliant of all generations. They will accept lower wages without a fight and put up with insane rules just because they don’t want to upset their normal lives. They’re afraid of change and scared of uncertainties.

        Most Generation Z were raised by Generation X parents who tried to protect them from the harmful world. Babysitting them everywhere. You should recall all the soccer moms you fucked: it’s their kids.

        The trick to deal with Generation Z: Fear and intimidation. It works 100% of the time. Unlike us, they have a loving respect for authority. Since they’re scaredy, don’t hesitate to scare them a bit more. You don’t have to threaten, harass, or anything — just be yourself and be assertive. It makes them freak out. They are very scared of badass people. So, bring out your inner badass, and they’ll just obey you.

        Generation Z don’t ever question their superiors, professors, or anyone with a badge or gun. If a cop shows up, they will be on their knees in minutes. If the government wants to insert microchip implants in their bodies, they will line up without hesitation.

        They are OK with surveillance cameras and being constantly watched. They will rationalize it with a “If you’ve nothing to hide, why fear the cameras anyway?” The only way they protest is on social media: They will bitch and whine on Twitter about being strip-searched but don’t have the balls to prevent the cop from manhandling them.

        As for me, fuck this, CCTV cameras everywhere HAVE RUINED my game. Now I have to constantly watch my back.

        1. Over-parenting type people are hell to be around. I’ve had to literally disown much of my family cause of it. Well, they were trying to control my elderly mom – who despite her old age – has no interest in living with nuns.

          It’s so fucking funny. She even tried to escape from them- and they had to call the cops! That would been awesome on video tape. GO MOM!

    2. It’s the faggiest coffee chain in the whole world.

      It is faggy. It’s crazy, insanely faggy. Every store I go to has at least one gay man, and often there are two or three. I mostly get along with them but I really got into it with one faggot fucktard. And now and again some dyke freak who looks like a man. It’s basically Fagbucks.

      Run by soulless, stupid baristas.

      Yeah most of them have not been very pleasant to me. They all act like I am some old fart who needs to get lost. Total disrespect for elders.

      and mostly they attract all kinds of emo kids and gothic subhumans.

      Yep those are everywhere. They are all real young and most of them are quite unfriendly too for some reason. I have no idea why.

      Their beverages are always unhealthy- loaded with sugar, cream, aloe vera, and shit, and they all taste like human piss anyway.

      I just drink straight coffee and put a little milk and fake sugar in it. A couple times a month, I might order a fancy drink. But they’re $5!

      Something to do with their corporate culture which promotes faggy behavior. I call it Gaybucks for a reason.

      I don’t know what it is. Maybe fagginess is in Starbucks’ corporate genetics somehow.

      I call it Gaybucks for a reason.

      It is Gaybucks! I need to start calling it that.

  3. Robert, I’m typing from TV. No enter key and I can’t see your face. Based on one of your posts, years ago they would line up to service. Now they are being ageist. Even worse they’ll deny it. The cougars want a young Bieber who may as well of had a beaver. Society is backwards. No man younger or darker than Sean Connery should be promoted as sex symbol.

    1. Thank you very much Polar Bear! I am really worried that I did something, but I don’t think I did. I talked to Alpha. She thinks this is insane and says go ahead and keep talking to women all you want. She said the alternative was to shut yourself from women for the rest of my life, and that’s crazy. I guess this is what most women want to me or something.

      All you women who feel this way: You know what bitches? I don’t care what you cunts think about anything on this Earth. I’m a man, dammit, and I don’t to listen to your crazy blabberings. You can all just go fuck yourselves, ok? I’ll talk to whoever the fuck I want to ain’t there ain’t one thing you cunts can do about it!

      I was thinking of more or less going MGTOW and sort of saying the Hell with women. I was all set to go.

      But Alpha showed me that that’s dumb. She’s right. I can go right ahead and talk to anyone I want to, all proper precautions being taken when I do so, of course. And believe me, I take of those precautions and then some. I am not a social superstar and I don’t read minds very well, but I am not a social retard either. Anyone who thinks I am a social retard doesn’t get it and doesn’t know me at all.

      I am actually very careful about who I talk to, men, women, etc, and socially I am quite adept believe it or not. I guess don’t believe in PC conversational rules, but if that’s lack of social skills, fine. Most people don’t seem approachable, so I say nothing.

      A few are open, so I toss out my line. I get shot down after one or two sentences all the time, but I am savvy enough to figure it out. If someone doesn’t want to talk to me, that’s just fine. I won’t begrudge them. That’s their human right as a human being.

      1. Women have a right to not like older men, nerds, or whoever, but there’s no point in cruelty. They could diffuse a situation like that without being a bitch.

        1. That’s what I mean. They could solve most of these problems if they would simply act like adults. A lot of women just don’t want to act like adults for the simple reason that a lot of women act like overgrown children their entire lives.

          “The woman is always the most responsible teenager in the house.”

          Arthur Schopenhauer

          If you don’t want to talk to me, just communicate that to me. Don’t be shy. Don’t worry. I get it all day long every single day now. I spot those signals half a mile away, blindfolded, at night.

          1. One theory is cause “they’re girls” they’re not scolded for being a wuss – so they never outgrow it.

          2. What do you mean for being a wuss? Explain.

            They’re not encouraged outgrow childishness. Maybe they’re also put on a pedestal by their parents.

    2. It is ageism! That’s all it is. It’s 100% of it. I don’t act any different than I did then. And these young chicks calling me creepy now are the same young chicks who I fucked in large numbers when young. So it’s all a bit weird. They were my best friends and now they are my worst enemies.

  4. Honestly, if people knew about the blog – than any of the main authors or posters would rightfully creep out people – lol. But… nobody knows about it.

    1. I’m not sure if Robert really wants more popularity for his blog. All the power to him if he does and best wishes.

      But if it somehow gets back to its earlier popular levels, that would mean even more enemies. More people will be offended and report the site. There should be a contingency plan for DDoS attacks etc.

      This site will get reported even more. I hope you guys have a free speech hosting as a back-up.

          1. LOL we are on the same host as The Daily Stormer. I love it. Don’t think we are getting shut down anytime soon, boyos.

      1. I have heard that they used to report the old site all the time to WordPress. They never did anything about it for ten years until they lay down the hammer, but maybe they got annoyed at all the BS complaints they were getting hit with.

    2. Bullshit. No one here creeps anyone out. Not me, nor Shi, nor Polar Bear, nor you, nor many other posters. Women are idiots. They just don’t get it. This is how men really think about things. We actually do think exactly like this as a normal matter of course. In #metoo though, the normal way that most real men think is creepy as Hell.

      The site’s not creepy anyway. I’ve gotten laid off this blog. Did I tell you that? And I’ve had some interesting long distance relationships with women. I don’t get them anymore, but I used to get fan mail even from teenage girls.

      “You are handsome. I love you.” 16 year old Korean girl.

      “Hey dirty old man! Do you think I can get a man? I really want to get a man really bad. Boys my age are idiots. How do I get a man?” Later she goes into great deal about how rape fantasies make her sooo wet. – 15 year old girl.

      “Hi. Look at my picture. Do you think you would be interested in dating a woman like me?” 27 year old Korean-American woman.

      Plus I had two long term relationships lasting 1.5 years with older women who met me right off the blog. One was in the comments for a long time flirting with me and practically throwing herself at me.

      I had a gf for 5.5 years who knew about this site and read here all the time.

      There have been others too, including some that I didn’t consider attractive. One was a 44 year old woman, extreme feminist, former teenage sex trafficking victim. She wasn’t cute though.

      I don’t know how many women read this site or if they like it or not. Back when I was getting 1.5 million readers a year, women would write in now and then and say, “You know what? You have a lot more female readers than you think you do. A lot of women read this site.

        1. Asians like self-confident white guys.

          Korean girls practically worship the Earth White guys walk on. It’s sickening to watch the groveling they will do.

          And they hate all other non-White men: Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis especially. Blacks they also don’t like generaly. Very racist people I’d say.

          1. Yes, Asian women I met really hate Indian men because so many of them are insanely and disturbingly creepy and rapey fucktards around women. I hate the word creep but I have seen Indian men act creepy as all get out around women. We had a Yahoo club full of women, and there were Indian men in there driving our women crazy with their creepiness.

            I heard the one guy, and I had to admit that he was very disturbing. Probably harmless, but I see why the women overreacted.

      1. You have a lot more female readers than you think you do. A lot of women read this site.

        That’s what, you need to bring some women commenters here. It can get boring without them. You’re Robert Lindsay, I’m sure you can arrange it soon.

        1. I dunno man. I am on a semi-misogynistic jihad here. But I would say to any female readers and any potential female readers. There’s only certain fucktarded common female behaviors which I truly despise. I realize that there are a lot of you women out there who are actually grownups and act like them. Look at the behaviors I am attacking and ask yourself, “Is that me?”

          Basically we hate feminists here. And any dumb bitch who screams harassment over nothing, any woman who defends this insanity, and any “man” who jumps on board is a feminist de facto. We hate creep-shaming, #metoo, man-shaming, hatred of the heterosexual male sex drive, women who are furious at us men for looking at them, trying to talk to them, etc.

          We also think that men have the right to ask women out and for their numbers. These dumb cunts have no right to make a fuss about that. If you don’t want to go out with him there are a million ways to do this like a real grownup instead of like a terminal adolescent.

          Use common sense and shut men down like the women in my generation, my Mom’s generation and her mother’s generation did. Men have always been horny as Hell and more or less coming onto every woman in sight all the time.

          If you’re a woman you have to run the gauntlet in a sense. Still you need to figure out how to turn guys down and shut them down like a fucking grownup with screaming harassment like a helpless little squealing baby.

          That’s all we ask.

          Any sane women out there dubious of #metoo who want to come here and discuss with us what’s creepy, what’s not, bla bla bla, what’s out of line, what’s not, what’s flirting, what’s not, hey darlings please come on over there to Bob’s place and let’s have an adult conversation with male and female grownups, no overgrown children allowed.

  5. Did you hear the joke?

    An Arab, an Indian, and a Pakistani man walk into a bar.
    The bartender takes a long look at them, evacuates the place and calls the Police immediately.

  6. Women want all ugly/older/short/disabled guys to be regulated to the margins of society, as unseen, unheard worker drones whose only purpose is to provide the tax revenue that sponsors the lives of women, Chads and their Chadspawn children. This is no exaggeration. This is EXACTLY what their end goal is!!

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