Chronic Minority Status of Whites

White nationalists are in a rage calling White traitors cucks, Jews, wimps, homosexuals – whatever. However, this hate is doing nothing  but just being annoyingly hateful as well hurting a lot of good people.

The real problem with White Nationalists is that like other fools they think someone owes them something. I mean, if Whites don’t start breeding, then they’re going to be a minority forever it seems, but the choice to breed is up to whites.

I mean, so what if out of free will some Whites choose to breed with non-Whites IF there are already tons of Whites anyway?

Well, Asia and Africa are plumb full of their own kind despite the occasional mixed race marriage going on. In fact, only in the New World and places like Australia is there the sense that outsiders could flood the place out.

The Enemy of White Preservation Is the Modern Way of Having a Family

No doubt about it. It would take families five kids or more to make a world where Whites are not threatened by other groups who would probably make them their bitch!

But Isn’t This Racist?

Non-Whites are racist. That’s the problem and in large numbers they will oppress Whites, even fairly normal ones (not geeks or idiots).

About an Integrated World

I’m all for it in small degrees because the only way it exists is with respect going on.

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