Alt Left: The Meaning of the Word “Uppity”

Alpha: “Uppity” is Jason’s word, but I take it to mean arrogant or self-important. Trump does think he’s better than other people. He bragged about his behavior toward women, saying that when you’re a star “they let you do it.” He declared, wrt America’s problems, “only I can fix it.”

He’s told us that if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue he wouldn’t lose any votes. He has declared that “Article II” of the Constitution allows him to do anything he wants. He refers to himself as “your favorite President.”

You say that’s all narcissism, not uppityness. Doesn’t matter to me one way or another.

Yes, that is narcissism, not uppityness. Another word for narcissist is blowhard, jerk, overbearing, douchebag, braggart, full of himself, arrogant, ass, etc.

If uppity means narcissism then sure Trump is uppity. I just think it means something other than that. It implies that someone doesn’t know his place – that someone of relatively low status is trying to pretend that he has higher status and that this is therefore insulting to the persons of higher status he is interacting with.

You know the history of word – an uppity nigger who doesn’t know his place might be Black person standing up to White person about some sort of injustice the White are perpetrating on the Black.

Or a woman who doesn’t know her place in the patriarchy and is getting out of line, talking back to male superiors.

The Black and the woman both need to be put back in their places by the Whites and the men.

In these cases, the uppity person is really a hero going up against oppressors who think they are superior.

The word is ugly and I don’t think we should use it. It has an ugly anti-Black racist history, and we should just junk it except to refer to the old use of it.

I would use uppity to describe women who viciously attack male strangers for no good reason. Or kids who openly and outrageously defy adults. Neither is acceptable to me.

A male stranger can attack me viciously. Fine, now it’s mano a mano, man to man.

If a female stranger attacks me, it’s infuriating. The first thought in my mind is that I want to kill her. I’m not going to do it of course because I have controls, but that’s the feeling. It’s unfair for female strangers to attack us men. I can fight back against a man, but I’m not allowed to fight back against a woman, or a kid for that matter. A kid doing the same is equally outrageous. I probably wouldn’t want to kill the kid but maybe I might want to slap him upside the head.

I still wouldn’t use the word in either case though except sarcastically. That’s due to its racist pedigree. The word’s contaminated and it’s hardly good for anything anymore.

Just my two pfennig.

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28 thoughts on “Alt Left: The Meaning of the Word “Uppity””

  1. You got this one right. I think the word uppity has ugly connotations similar to the ones below:

    Niggerish: I think it’s far better to call someone a “nigger” than use this outdated adjective which basically means undesirable characteristics. Dehumanization on another level.

    Also, I think Negress is way more offensive than “Negro.” Both Edward Rice Burroughs and Agatha Christie used this word.

    I also don’t use niggardly even though it’s a completely different word and has no historical associations with the n-word. Most people are going to look in your direction with a wide-eyed stare: “What the fuck did you say, nigga’?”

    There’s also niggling but it’s just a borderline case. As long as you clearly pronounce the word, you should be fine.

    Nigga is cool thanks to its rap music associations. I use it with young Black men. I probably get a pass coz I’m brown-skinned. I think only White people aren’t allowed to use it. But I may be wrong.

      1. You’ll probably get a pass too as you’ve been sniffing around the goods of young Black girls for a while.

        You (or me) are more niggerish than anyone else 😁 😂 🤣 😃 We’re one of them!

        MY THEORY: I always say this, the fastest way to integrate into any subculture is to fuck all the women belonging to that culture.

        COROLLARY: Racists don’t get laid that often.

        1. COROLLARY: Racists don’t get laid that often.

          Lots of A.A. women and men don’t like others fucking/marrying into their culture – but that could be drastically changing.

          Well, the reason was because the whites would steal the best ones – and jealousy/racism.

          Note: one of my brothers dated one and he was no geek by any means – but he still got evil stares from blacks.

          1. In Bali, I met this young Black girl from France. I think she was Haitian-French. She spoke perfect English.

            I shit you not, this was the most gorgeous Black girl I ever saw. 6’2″ tall, like a supermodel. She was towering over my 5’9″ self. Young, nubile…she somewhat looked like Naomi Campbell, my childhood fantasy. I think she was even hotter than Naomi.

            I chatted her for a while, complimented her on her natural good looks. Her Black skin glistened against the sun and I could even write a poem on that one.

            She was very pleased with my flirting. I really wanted to fuck her like crazy. But I was traveling with other people to that beach. Something suddenly came up, a little boy drowned and there was a lot of commotion in the beach. Unfortunately I couldn’t get her number as the people I had been with were involved in that problem.

            I missed out on the girl’s phone number. Too bad. I’d probably rate her 10/10…she looked that perfect. She told me she worked as a nurse to n France. She could have easily pipped all the supermodels on the ramp.

            I probably missed out on the best sex of my life. I did tell her “I’m going to have sex with you tonight, and tomorrow, and day after tomorrow.” She liked my confidence and was like “maybe we will.” In my vocab, maybe really means yes.

            Where can I find another Black cooter like that. She was unreal, a real goddess.

          2. Quote SHI

            Where can I find another Black cooter like that. She was unreal, a real goddess.

            Lots of them here (Appalachia) cause of the race-mixing. Well, probably all over the US.

          3. Plenty up North too. Seen one today with her jeans cut to show part of her ass cheek. Mind you it’s cold as hell and snowing. Looked like a young Janet Jackson. I feel a lot of black girls think their only worth is sex. Look at the dance styles like twerking, booty shaking, and dry humping.

          4. Does this play into my observation that a huge number of young Black women are for all intents and purposes whores? I mean their basic attitude about sex is that it is something you provide to men in return for money/etc. and for no other reason. They don’t seem to believe in free love or giving in away.

            Black girls are 13% of minor teenage girls and 50% of the prostitutes. Obviously Black girls are far more likely to whore themselves out than other races. I run into this over and over and over with Black women.

            And a lot of Black women pull the, “Buy me this/spend money on me for this and I will give you sex in return.” Then they get the money and fast as lightning, they are gone. Some Hispanic women deep in barrio culture pull that shit too. Never had a White woman do that to me in my entire life.

            I’ve also had some Black women on dating sites try to out and out steal from me. Say we are going to have sex, then ask for money before the meet. I was smart enough not to give it out. But then I had a White chick do that to me too. They were both just thieves. Young women, 18-25. An unbelievable % of women in that age bracket are basically either whores or out and out thieves who steal money from men.

            Decent scientific studies seem to show that Black women have a higher sex drive than non-Black women. They say they are horny more often, masturbate more, have more partners, and have more STD’s. Black men also seem to have a higher sex drive than non-Black men along the same lines.

            Both Black men and women have exaggerated sex characteristics (ass and tits in women, cock in men), so it looks like they specifically evolved exaggerated sex characteristics. A higher sex drive would logically go along with that.

          5. I don’t dispute people’s personal observations or any supposed scientific studies, but what’s also true is that Black American culture is generally less sexually repressed than White culture.

            From your perspective, Black people are “so horny” or have “exaggerated” sex characteristics. But from a Black perspective, maybe White people are incredibly sexually inhibited and repressed. Or some Black people might think that White people have abnormally small sexual features.

            Also, Black people tend to be more direct than Whites. So while women generally don’t want to give away sexual favors for free, a Black woman might be more upfront about it. I’m not saying it’s an attractive quality, but you’re seeing how different cultures operate.

          6. “exaggerated sex characteristics.”

            This is not up for debate. This is a matter of science. Black women have enlarged asses and tits, and Black men have enlarged cocks. That’s pure, straight up science. This is what I was referring to.

            Also, Black people tend to be more direct than Whites. So while women generally don’t want to give away sexual favors for free, a Black woman might be more upfront about it. I’m not saying it’s an attractive quality, but you’re seeing how different cultures operate.

            I don’t know. White women typically don’t out and out charge me. They either pay for it, we go Dutch, or they buy themselves. Most White women don’t literally charge for pussy.

            There’s just something wrong with Black women. They are far more likely to charge for pussy either directly via prostitution or indirectly via this, that, or whatever. This is based on personal experience but the difference is glaring.

            Basically, Black women as a group seem to think their pussies have price tags on them and that the only time they should have sex is if they are getting paid for it. As I noted, I had an upper middle class Black gf, married to a physician, who had precisely this attitude. So Black women as a group are either whores or have the mindset of whores.

            I would say that now that this seems incontrovertible, why the Hell is it going on? Why in God’s name do so many Black women feel this way.

            Granted there are Black women out there who don’t feel this way. I know you are not and I have met a number of Black women who were not (typically older ones), but IMHO way too many of them are like that. Black women as a group seem to have this attitude that being a whore is not shameful. In fact, they think it is a perfectly legitimate occupation.

            13% of female teenage minors are Black, and 50% of female teenage minor prostitutes are Black. That ain’t because “Black women are more up front,” dear.

            I don’t know if this bothers you or not. Perhaps it does and perhaps it does not. Maybe you want to do something about it, and maybe you don’t. You’re under no obligation to be a racial ambassador of a healer of your race.

            But it might be nice if you could acknowledge that there is something going on here.

            It ain’t just Black men who are fucked up as a group – a fact that statistics bear out profoundly. Black women are not off the hook. To me, they’re fucked up as a group too just like the men, except in a different way.

          7. “But it might be nice if you could acknowledge that there is something going on here.”

            Why would it be nice? Nice for whom?

            I have no idea why so many Black women feel the way you’re describing, and since I’m not interested in pursuing Black women, I don’t really care. But what’s very clear is that Black women’s sexuality is incredibly important to you for some reason. I tried to tell you that Black culture is less sexually inhibited and more direct than White culture, but you reject what I’m saying. OK.

          8. It’s important to me because it’s weird as fuck.

            I get that you have no idea why this occurs. I mean I’m not even into Black women honestly. I am just noticing that Black women as a group are far higher to be actual prostitutes or to have a whorish attitude towards men. That’s interesting to me.

            I don’t like it but it’s interesting. Actually I regard it as a problem TBH. Maybe Black people think that’s just fine or something. I find this interesting too (though I don’t like it) and I would like to know why they think this way.

            I suppose this is a mystery to me and I am wondering why in God’s name they are so much more likely to be do these things or have this mercenary attitude towards sex. It’s a phenomenon and I am interesting in exploring all sorts of behaviors that are particular to or prominent among racial groups. Mostly because I find it interesting and also fascinating, as I want to know why this is occurring.

            Frankly the behavior of Black women in this manner is completely shocking to me as White man. It is utterly alien in the worst sense. White women just don’t act like this very much, either directly or indirectly. I mean your gf wants you to make more money, fine. That’s just normal. That’s about as far as most White women get in that sense, and that’s not even a meaningful example.

            There’s something going on here.

            Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

            I am interesting in trying to get to to the bottom of this and find out what is driving this behavior, but you are just interested in a coverup, as usual. That’s fine but denial only gets you so far in science.

            Actually non-Black women’s sexuality (mostly White women; some Hispanic) is very interesting to me, much more than Black women’s because most of the women I have known and met are White women. Black women’s sexuality too is interesting in this sense that I am fascinated by female sexuality in general, and I got some good data from non-whorish Black women.

            I don’t really date Black women thank God, as the results have been catastrophic (about which you also have no comment), so, no, I’m not very interested in Black women’s sexuality. I am interested in why so many of them act like fucking whores! Now that’s interesting; the rest of their sexuality I could give a flying fuck about.

            Being uninhibited is not a problem. It’s long been known that Black culture is looser this way and that Blacks think Whites are sexually uptight. I’m not interested in that. But “being more up front about things” doesn’t begin to explain the whorish attitude of so many Black women because with other races of women, this stuff is not hidden in that it never comes up in the first place.

            I want to know WHY. Then if there is a problem (I see this as a problem, sorry) I want to know, “Well what can we do to try to ameliorate this problem, assuming that is even possible.”

            You don’t even want to go that far. You just want to shout down discussions. That’s fine and actually expected but a lot of us are interested in looking at racialized behaviors, hopefully in as least racist a manner as possible. That’s sort of one of the main themes of this blog more or less from Day One.

          9. Why do you make this false accusation? I’m not trying to shut down any discussion, I am attempting to JOIN the discussion by giving my insights. Or by asking why this matters so much to you, because that’s something I’m really curious about. And you’ve explained why.

            You want to come out here and say whatever you feel like about Black women, and you don’t want any Black woman to respond except to agree?

          10. Black women are 13% of all adult women. They are 40% of all prostitutes. Black underage teens are 13% of all underage teenage girls. They are 50% of all underage teenage girl prostitutes.

            What are you disagreeing about? I’m not accusing you of acting like a whore.

            All this shit matters to me. All of what I consider to be bad, weird, strange, bizarre, or out of this world behavior matters to me. All racialized behaviors or any race whatsoever matters to me. That’s the whole purpose of this blog.

            Black females are 13% of all women and 45% of all prostitutes. I actually think this is a problem in addition to being fascinating. Look Black females are far more likely to be prostitutes than other women. Are you saying that I have no right to talk about this or discuss this in any way? Instead you shout me down by saying why is this so interesting to you and why are you so fascinated by Black women’s sexuality. You don’t think an extreme discrepancy like that is worthy of investigation.

            Pardon me, but that’s interesting to me. I want to know why in the Hell they are like this. And personally, I have had to deal with Black women’s whorish (and often thieving) behaviors repeatedly in my life. In contrast, White women almost never behaved this way towards me. So this is racialized behavior. It’s interesting to me.

            By asking me why this is so important to me, you are trying to shut down the conversation.

            Sorry, it ain’t just Black men acting bad and causing all the racism against Black people. I know Black women want to say this but it’s just wrong. A lot of Black women are acting bad too (though much less bad) and this is also contributing to racism against Black people.

            Black women as a group are fucked up too.



          11. I really don’t care how horny Black people are, how often they masturbate, or how often they fuck or how many people they fuck. I am a bit concerned about the high rate of STD’s among Blacks, but that’s pretty much their problem. It’s not a moral failure. I am one Hell of a perverted, horny bastard. Of course I don’t care if one race is hornier than another. That would probably make me like them better.

            Also the science is clear that Blacks think about sex more often (indicative of a higher libido), masturbate more often, and have more sexual partners and more STD’s than non-Blacks. All that is straight up science, often from surveys. If you don’t believe them, I encourage you to try to replicate the study.

            Blacks do think we are inhibited.

            No one think Whites have tiny asses, tits and cocks. Blacks have the biggest and sorry to say but Asians have the smallest. And Whites are right up there in between, basically the average for the human race.

          12. “No one thinks Whites have tiny asses, tits and cocks.”

            Some Black people do.

            Also, since I don’t care about other people’s sex lives that much, I have no interest in replicating any studies.

          13. Way up in Alaska? That’s where you live, right? Or is it Northern Canada like Yukon or Northwest Territories?

        2. Uppity is NOT a good word to use – and rightfully offensive – BUT – I can’t think of anything else. In fact, lots of people – of any race – simply are irritated by condescending snobs.

          1. Black women pursue me the most aggressively – the only women that seem like they are willing to rape me. Very sexual. Then Latinas flirt with me, but they usually have many kids. They can be aggressive, not even close to Blacks in-your-face attitude but higher than average White. They are fun and casual.

            White girls seem like they fall in love with me. Not every one and even the slutty ones will act like this. Many are genuine. The sluts may even feel in love with many men. They get a twinkle in their eye when they see you and seem lovey-dovey.

            Asians feel like their playing chess. The ones that try to be bitchy aren’t bad when compared to the other races. They are submissive and cute. I suspect them of mass adultery. I feel they have higher IQ and taste in men. When it comes to relationships they are more logical and practical, not romantics. Black women are hungry like the wolf who wants to eat you now. Latinas are playful Chihuahuas. Whites are like a puppy that just wants love. Asians are like a Praying Mantis.

          2. White dicks are growers, they grow the most from flaccid to erect. Black dicks are showers, they don’t grow when erect. This matches our personalities, blacks more likely to bodybuild for show and Whites dominate the more functional strongman.

          3. White dicks are growers, they grow the most from flaccid to erect.

            Damn I had no idea.

            Black dicks are showers, they don’t grow when erect.

            Look man, I know you are not gay at all, so don’t get mad at me here. But as a straight man, I simply have no interest in cock, men, or even male sexuality, boys, or men. I suppose women and most particularly gay men would be the go-to sources on male sexuality and racialized sexual characteristics and behaviors.

            Blacks, especially Black men, are sort of “showers” in a sense. All flash and dazzle and a lot of times, not much underneath or not much good anyway. It’s all about the spectacle, the entrance, the human stage. Black men quite literally treat the world as if it is a stage and they are all actors. And they’re damn good at this, too. Better than any other race.

          4. It helps me sleep at night. Polynesians get their ass from SPAM, Brazilians get their ass from Blacks. I live on top of the asscrack of America.

          5. Asians feel like their playing chess. The ones that try to be bitchy aren’t bad when compared to the other races. They are submissive and cute. I suspect them of mass adultery. I feel they have higher IQ and taste in men. When it comes to relationships they are more logical and practical, not romantics.

            Black women are hungry like the wolf who wants to eat you now. Latinas are playful Chihuahuas. Whites are like a puppy that just wants love. Asians are like a Praying Mantis.

            Praying mantis…playful chihuahuas…hungry wolf…puppies…

            Jeez, you probably deserve an Olympic medal for stereotyping. How many ethnicities you can offend in just one paragraph alone? LOL

  2. Uppity professors and the like are annoying. In fact, the movie Back to School isn’t surprising – but real life.

    The Black and the woman both need to be put back in their places by the Whites and the men.

    You mean like the above? Well, racists will completely ignore this – saying it’s PC fun-kill. Well, except to praise it – lol.

    But the problem for SJWs, though – is that blacks probably commit crimes way worse – but then again, two wrongs – don’t make a right!

    Of course the below is even worse:


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