The Internet and the Concept of Racial Revenge

Or Revenge in General

Indeed, social media offers the unique opportunity for those oppressed to get back at people and has the advantage of a with a large audience to watch you get revenge to boot! This was not possible in the past! So if some Black played the “knockout game,” that could be broadcast, or if some cop was being a dick, that could be broadcast, and finally some Blacks could let the world know how they really feel about certain Southern Whites.

The Downside

It’s kind of like letting an atomic bomb or a huge fart explode. It’s bound to cause anger – hence all the talk about “cunts” (feminists, SJW’s) etc..

Biased In-groups

Of course, despite the wide information available, many or maybe most people into activism refuse to admit their group could be bad or worse than the other group. This reflects tragicomically on social media, YouTube etc..

I think the general population of certain ethnic groups, etc. mirrors the extremists of their group. Most of them don’t really come out of their ethnic bubble.

School Shooters

One path probably taken by those types a lot more than shooting is just giving the finger on Facebook. However, the aftermath could cause so much bullying that there might then be a school shooting.

SJW example:

“Let’s post a meme about how I really hate Christians and other snobs at the school. Let them see it and share as much as possible!”

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