Swag – Even the Alphas Are Hated Somewhat for It

As a poster noted, swag can be pulled off by Alphas, but it’s funny that even those guys are hated and called dick-likers and queers (Case in point: Trump).

A Common Guy Attempting Swag

He’s going to be called a poseur (cocksucker, queer), even if some find him funny. He would be an incredible threat to bullies in the school and others because they can’t stand people “out of their place,” especially if the target seems weird and/or physically weak.

But It Takes a Bold Person To Not Care

Well, I’ve get this big music project going, and the vast majority of people seem to like it. But of course there are some hecklers because they only respect elitists and probably they’re just being motherfuckers lol. But again, it’s about the idea of earning rank, and no respect is give – even if the stuff is good  – to people on the bottom of the barrel.

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One thought on “Swag – Even the Alphas Are Hated Somewhat for It”

  1. In today’s world, it’s impossible to pull swag.

    To rise like Trump, you have to ruffle one feather too many. The moment you come tumbling down, the “mob” will cut you down to size before your feet touch the ground. Then they’ll feast on your corpse.

    In fact, Trump is an odd phenomenon. He thinks he might have gotten away with swag all these years but it was really all down to his Jewish lawyers.

    No one, not Bill Gates nor Mark Zuckerberg, would be so foolhardy as Trump. Deep down they’re very scared of the “mob”.

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