Working Class Blinded by Trump

A person acting like Trump would normally be labeled a cocksucker, queer, stuff like that by real working people. They don’t like guys like that unlessthey’ve pulled a Trump on them!

Well, Trump was self-made. But he’s a gigantic sissy because he’s rich. The rich can’t help it. It’s kind of like the lead character in the movie Arthur – Arthur Bach. But at least Arthur Bach was nice! Trump is just a spoiled jerk.

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8 thoughts on “Working Class Blinded by Trump”

  1. pulled a Trump on them!

    I think it’s about time we start using this as an actual idiom. Another addition to the English language.

    It’s already been used a few times though. Still, shouldn’t stop us from claiming that we were the first ones to coin this idiom.

    And now you are saying that you aren’t presenting things like this as facts? It sure reads like you do. Don’t pull a Trump on me please …

  2. Seriously, if some student acted that outrageously cocksucker-ish – he would be the target of every bully in the school. Nobody would think it’s funny. It would just be seen as a threat. And I’m talking about right-wing guys also – even if the target was right-wing (maybe).

    1. Seriously, if some student acted that outrageously cocksucker-ish – he would be the target of every bully in the school.

      It’s called swag. But you have to either be very rich or the top Alpha male to pull it off.

        1. I hate swaggers even though I was into that lifestyle many years ago. I’d try to compete with other swaggers but it was a dead end to begin with.

          From the life lessons learned in RL’s blog, being a humble decent man gets me more success with women than posing/acting like a dick.

          There was a time I used to lie about my financial status, degrees or whatever to earn the swag rights. But women can see right through that bullshit.

          My life changed after I became AUTHENTIC to myself and others. I am proud to say I have exactly zero swag at the moment. Fuck that fake lifestyle, I get way better results when I’m authentic.

          1. Fame gets old. I mean, even my music thing I mentioned is exploding – but it’s boring (the fame) – and I’m still not getting money – only people wanting free stuff.

          2. Jason

            Do you play the Banjo or some kind of Country music? I mean you’re from the Appalachians, right?

            Do you eat hog jowls? Believe it or not I’m fascinated by your region. A lot of my favorite movies are set in North Carolina – for example, American Hustle, We’re the Millers,.. I like the accents as well.

          3. I can play bluegrass music decent (guitar, bass guitar). In fact, cause of my background – I was heavy into it as a youth. Nonetheless, my true talent is drums – and I give drum lessons.

            O.K., did some fiddle as a youth – but forgot it.

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