Alt Left: Violation of Natural Law: A Theory Explaining Male and Female Homosexual’s Unhappiness and Psychological Disturbance

RL: And the sad thing about gay men is that gay men are most attracted to masculine men – IOW straight men, but straight men won’t have them. They’re not really into the other effeminate men they hook up with. So maybe that is why their lives tend to be rather sad. Lesbians also have a reputation for leading sad lives. “The Well of Loneliness” is a lesbian classic from the 1930’s.

I’ve wondered why gays and lesbians are not as happy and seem to be more mentally ill than straights. They are finding this even in cultures where discrimination is about zero. So it seems there is something inherent in homosexuality that makes people nutty, unhappy, and possibly unfulfilled.

My theory is that they violating Natural Law. They’re going against Nature. And things that go against Nature don’t really work. And people who go against Nature are often not very happy. Mother Nature bats last. Nature wants us to live our lives in certain ways, and when we don’t live our lives as nature dictates, we violate Nature and hence are unhappy because we are going against our “programming.”

To which Polar Bear responds:

You can’t fight Nature.

Lesbians with their fake dicks can only really have oral sex.

A gay will never give birth from his ass.

Transgenders, male to female, are likely more mentally ill but often less annoying than a flaming queer cis male. Of course, the ones that split their banana most always regret it – still not a pussy. Female to male dicks are even less realistic.

The happiness of these groups is a glimmer. The passable trannies’ passability, the twinks’ twinkle, the lesbian couples’ sex, etc. all fade fast. A straight couple has more natural permanence. While the old gay homo sucks the life out of some bum in a dark alley like a mohel, the sun shines on the straight couple sipping lemonade and holding hands while watching their great grand-kids play.

I really like Polar Bear’s comments. They’re almost poetic.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: Violation of Natural Law: A Theory Explaining Male and Female Homosexual’s Unhappiness and Psychological Disturbance”

  1. I only hate gays/wussy boys who go around and pick on people. Just like I don’t hypermasculine guys – like the Irishman I punched (in the face) in South Korea. These obnoxious people have it coming.

    Now, if people mind their own business, then I don’t have anything against them.

    1. Lot of hypermasculine guys are really cool at least on an acquaintance basis. Just mirror their behavior. It’s not hard to do. Now you’re one of them and you’re “one of the boys.” Now you’re his best friend! Macho male camaraderie is a thing.

      If you are talking about hypermasculine men who are basically trying to start a fight with you, well, that’s another matter. You usually don’t meet them except at a bar maybe. Just ignore them. It’s just some asshole in a bar trying to pick a fight. Ignore him. He doesn’t deserve your attention.

  2. I don’t hate wussy males but they are far more likely to want to change genders. I worked with a married man who claimed to hate hypermasculine Alpha males. Now he’s a trans who wants the men he allegedly hated to fuck him. Most will never become trans but I wonder if men who claim to hate hypermasculine men are on the same path he wasAin the early stages of transevolution.

    1. Yes, hypermasculine men and Alpha males can definitely be a handful and they can cause problems sometimes, but most of us don’t hate them. That would almost be like hating masculinity itself.

      Sure, masculinity can get out of it. Check out your average obnoxious PUA site like Roosh’s or Chateau Heartiste to see some real toxic masculinity on stage. But lots of things are bad in excess but fine in moderation. Masculinity’s not unusual in that sense.

      I’d say there’s something wrong with a man with a pathological hatred of Alpha Males and hypermasculine men. Was he beat up as a boy or something? Any man like that definitely comes across as a wuss or a wimpy man at the very least. It’s a rather pathetic POV.

      1. I don’t have anything against masculine guys and would prefer their company to “little sissy dickheads” who complain about every little thing

        “Oh, I’m bored! Can we go home now? I hate this beach vacation that most families can’t afford.”

        Well, what I would call masculine overkill is some sort of twisting of what’s it’s truly like to be a masculine man. A masculine man generally minds his own business and he’s not threatened by women, but he’s not pushed around by them either.

        1. I would call that toxic masculinity. Macho homophobic assholes always pushing around straight men they think are weaker. There’s also a lot of gay-baiting. These guys spend a lot of their time accusing other straight men of being gay because they aren’t macho enough.

          Hypermasculinity is just a rather exaggerated type of masculinity. What the difference is between masculine and hypermasculine, I am not sure. Ever seen the way Hispanic, Arab, Middle Eastern, Pakistani, Afghan, Southern European, Russian, Filipino, and Polynesian act? An exaggerated version of masculinity? Granted there’s a downside to it but a lot of those men are real nice. They’re just pretty tough and often a little hard, that’s all.

    2. Now he’s a trans who wants the men he allegedly hated to fuck him.

      That’s weird right there. Human sexuality is so weird. Very much tied in with aggression, hatred, sadism, all sorts of weird stuff.

  3. What sort of fucking retard thinks I’m a trans or in stages just cause I get annoyed by workplace bullying? Anyway, he was the wuss. He was constantly bitching about being passed over in jobs cause he was Irish. Wooo – hooo. I’m crying!! But of course, he covers it up with all his “cool talk” and drinking. What a man he is!

    1. What sort of fucking retard thinks I’m a trans or in stages just cause I get annoyed by workplace bullying?

      No one is saying that, man. You don’t hate hypermasculine men anyway. You hate macho (often homophobic) assholes! Relax, I hate them myself.

      Around here, most everyone is hypermasculine, and most are really nice guys. You just have to get to know them. Hypermasculine isn’t the same thing as toxic masculinity. Those are guys are serious dicks.

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