The Bitch Family Sitcom

Bitches often have asshole husbands so they deserve each other! There’s not really any abuse going on there. However, the bitch, by being judgmental and non-accepting (like a lot of White Nationalists lol) will make enemies of men she’s not married to. My advice for men is to have nothing to do with her. Otherwise, you’re playing into her humiliation game.

The Kids of the Bitch and Asshole

Welcome to hell! Often they are brats or wussy boys who terrorize others. They are also #1 to be avoided because they just won’t respect you. They just want slaves, people to control and humiliate.

But My Girlfriend or Wife Could Be a Bitch?

In my experience, the bitching might be justified and the woman may not be a true bitch. Probably you’re cheating and unlike what MRA groups say etc., the man has some responsibility for his own behavior – he cannot abuse it like Henry VIII.

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