The Best Way to Promote an Integrated World

The best way is to ignore politics (and history). I don’t think gays should be part of the an integrated world, but other groups are O.K.. Gays are simply going against nature and are too socially destructive. On the other hand, Blacks are pretty destructive too, but in a way that can be handled.

Spike Lee Movies?

Anyone bringing attention to race – no matter the good intentions – is only making it worse! In fact, it’s refreshing to watch an integrated movie where politics isn’t brought up – you know like Different Strokes.

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12 thoughts on “The Best Way to Promote an Integrated World”

  1. Gays gonna gay. We can’t pick gays out like black jelly beans. We already have Brazil. Not every place needs to be the same or even similar.

    1. And do what with blacks? It’s already too late. I mean, you should have seen Dollywood – the amusement part in East TN – lol.

      1. No, not Dollywood! I have a theory that most Whites hate Blacks being the majority. They don’t do anything about the problem, but they may leave. That’s the modern White response – too many crows around and the peace doves fly away.

        1. I doubt if A.A. at an amusement park are a threat – but they should have armed security checks – in case.

          I don’t mind them as the majority there. I’m actually enjoy seeing other cultures sometimes. However, I won’t deny the A.A. culture is dangerous and dysfunctional.

          1. You do not want to go to any amusement park or Disneyland type place where the visitors are mostly Black, sorry. US Blacks are like spices. A bit of them don’t cause any problems and may add some flavor and character to the dish. But through too much in the pot, and you can nearly spoil the stew.

            US Blacks are best in small doses, sorry! It’s just true. Once they get to 30% of the population here in California and in any big city, you start seeing more problems.

            Alpha comes from a Black majority small town in the South which was quite civilized and livable and full of mostly good people. I have heard there are Black small towns like that in South, but I have never been to one. Thing is in the US South, Blacks have created an actual culture with deep roots. Roots deep enough to produce pretty functional small towns full of mostly well behaved citizens.

            You go outside the South and here in California, and Blacks don’t really have any authentic cultures like they have in those small Southern towns. The only culture here in and most big cities outside the South is ghetto culture.

            There’s also something called the non-ghetto Blacks here and elsewhere outside the South, but that’s not really a deep rooted culture. From what I can tell, most are just imitating White people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I actually strongly encourage Black people this.

            There’s no harm in a Black man who acts like a White man. He’s not a slave, a silly Tom, a house Negro, a race traitor or any of that. He’s just a well-behaved citizen.

            Blacks here and outside the South are encouraged to throw in any non-pathological aspects of Black culture that they wish to. Emphasis on civilized behaviors please. And non-Ghetto Black cultures do have a lot of harmless and civilized aspects. As long as they act like real humans and not wild animals that got out of the zoo, Whites could give a flying fuck about Black culture. Act as different as want – just act good please.

        2. Most anyplace here in California that is Black-majority is pretty soon a great big problem. That goes for most Black majority cities in the US too. Blacks in small doses, I can live with them, even the worst of the ghetto Blacks which is exactly what we have here to an extent. They’re horrible but there’s only 4% of them, so they can be safely ignored. Also these ghetto Blacks here don’t cause a lot of problems because IMHO they don’t have any numbers.

          Yep, Whites keep running. At some point there will be nowhere left to run.

          1. East TN/Southwest Va/West Virginia/Southeast KY is paradise for blacks – because they are in low numbers. They can’t harm whites or themselves. Unfortunately, the old racist view of having to control blacks like children is true.

          2. That old racist view of doing things only works up to a certain point. The people you control actually end up controlling you. It takes a lot of energy to keep someone under control.

          3. That old racist view of doing things only works up to a certain point. The people you control actually end up controlling you. It takes a lot of energy to keep someone under control.

            Yeah, but it’s the only workable option.

            Well, of course prisoners, children etc.. end up eating up the watcher’s time and making some insane. It does seem like parents in my family have went “child-crazy”. That’s why they’re so annoyingly bossy.

          4. I don’t know if it’s the only workable option, but you pay a price for keeping another group of people under control. You don’t get to do that at no cost to yourself.

          5. Yeah, I know what you mean. Many WNs don’t want to pay that price for “humane-ness” and humanity – so they just want to deport A.A..

  2. Blacks in East TN – maybe all the south now, are generally mulattoes. Many have white moms. They’re not much a threat in the south at amusement parks – but in Atlanta yes! They’re probably dangerous in Atlanta – despite it even being in the south – with it’s deep roots.

    Well, there are hideous reports of crimes in the south by blacks. Crimes covered up by the media.

    But, anyway, I don’t see why there isn’t more security at Dollywood – even if just a bunch of middle-school A.A. it seems like. Well, there’s other threats too – like white school shooters, Islamic terrorists etc..

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