Super-Negro – Bryant Gumble

Well, my dad used Super – the other word! Anyway, my dad wasn’t devoid of compassion for Blacks, and I found that out. But he could sure even outdo Donald Trump or the worst Stormfronters when drunk.

About Bryant Gumble – I sort of see my Dad’s position though. I think the media like NBC, ABC, etc. kisses the asses of minorities too much, and it may not be what’s good for them. But I would never be an ass and make remarks like my dad would.

Anyway, my dad had curly hair but was never proud of it, so he never grew it out. Is this the root of this problem – LOL?

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13 thoughts on “Super-Negro – Bryant Gumble”

  1. A lot of Blacks would agree with your father on Gumball. Remember on the Chappelle show, “Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X.”

    1. Gumble seems uppity – is why these old-school southern guys don’t like him. If only he was more “down with the people” – he’s more like able. I don’t think whites hate all black celebrities – even ones in the news business.

      Well, to be honest, whites don’t even like uppity whites – that’s why they went so strong for Trump.

        1. Study the culture of working class Whites, Alpha. They hate uppity professionals with degrees and whatnot. They can’t stand brainy experts who think they know everything. They don’t like physicians or attorneys very much.

          They love businessmen and self-made men. Trump is both. He’s also ignorant and he’s hostile to the “pointy headed professors who can’t even park their bicycles straight,” as George Wallace put it. Check out who voted for Wallace. Also Trump puts on a big show of being a supporter of the White working class. Trump for all his faults does not act like he is superior to working class Whites for whatever reason.

          1. More or less, yep. He’s faking it.

            Also he’s not a brainy expert type. He’s a businessman who struck it rich and oddly working class Whites respect such folks. Uppity is someone who puts on airs and acts like he’s better than you. Granted Trump is a narcissist so in some sense he acts that way towards everyone, but narcissism is not the same thing as uppityness. Narcissists are just assholes. Uppity people are snobs with their noses in the air. I don’t get that from Trump.

            In what way is he uppity? I am curious. Does he really act like he is better than people with less money? Color me dubious.

          2. “Uppity” is Jason’s word, but I take it to mean arrogant or self-important. Trump does think he’s better than other people. He bragged about his behavior toward women, saying that when you’re a star “they let you do it.” He declared, wrt America’s problems, “only I can fix it.” He’s told us that if he shot someone on Fifth Avenue he wouldn’t lose any votes. He has declared that “Article II” of the Constitution allows him to do anything he wants. He refers to himself as “your favorite President.”

            You say that’s all narcissism, not uppityness. Doesn’t matter to me one way or another.

          3. The funny thing about Trump is – He’s just a stupid asshole – lol. He just a criminal. In fact, he’s probably did all the crimes people said he did.

            But nobody votes on reality anymore. It’s all partisan.

          4. Sure, he is a stupid asshole, and of course he’s a criminal. I guess 42% of the population either finds those traits endearing or could care less about them.

            Sure we are totally polarized. That was what the Alt Left was about – a way out of the polarization. The Alt Left says it’s ok to be conservative on some things and liberal on other things. Actually, that is like…normal human behavior! That is before this polarization set in.

  2. Well, some have said Trump’s a queer – lol. ha ha…

    But the working class is so in-love – they’re blind to it.

    1. Trump’s not gay at all. He’s macho as Hell, definitely a hypermasculine straight man. And I don’t buy that he’s a misogynist. Obviously he loves women. That should be clear enough. He’s just a sexist, that’s all. Men who truly hate women often tend to avoid them.

      1. He’s macho as Hell, definitely a hypermasculine straight man

        The only thing I still like about him. He grabs (or used to grab) whatever hot women he saw without weighing the odds. That takes brass cojones and he has my respect.

        But I hear he’s also raped little girls so I might wanna withdraw that compliment.

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