My Bigoted Uncle

I tell you what – it’s all coming out like they (The KKK) said it would! Them Blacks are all out marrying every blonde they can find (and there always blonde LOL), and mixed kids are everywhere!

Well, my late uncle said something like that, and like my Dad, he had a serious issue with Blacks, but I’m not sure why. Well, he did live in a trailer and serve in the army, where I’m guessing Blacks gave him a hard time. But he did like Mexican women from his travels there, so he wasn’t an all-out racist.

Mardi Gras had them pink n-word, orange n-word, purple n-word

I’m not really mocking the man in a true sense, but he wasn’t very nice in a lot of ways (assuming you weren’t White) like a lot of traditional Southern men. And his payback was that his granddaughter became this super-SJW type – always on social media as a bleeding heart of compassion. And she ‘s not fat if you want to know but instead she’s like a woman most guys would want to go out with, though she’s not a super-model.

Cutting Some Slack

His son was arrested and thrown in prison with the worst Blacks, but my uncle was like this way before that!

On Obama’s Election

How in the Earth did one get so far up?

I won’t never bow to a n-word.

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6 thoughts on “My Bigoted Uncle”

    1. LOL!

      “I’ll never bow to a nigger.”

      That’s funny. White men like that are racist as Hell though. That’s some serious hardcore White racism. Most Whites are not like that. That level of racism is pretty uncool too if you ask me.

      1. It is uncool – lol. But he was trapped in another age. Well, he got revenge with Trump at least – and then died soon after.

  1. A number of Latinos talked shit about Obama as Pres. Most Whites were tokening him. “Finally, no more old White men” one old White man said to me.

  2. Mardi Gras had them pink n-word, orange n-word, purple n-word

    And they’re always blonde (the women blacks want to marry)

    I thought that was pretty funny also.

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