Making Comebacks to Bullies

It’s not possible unless you’re someone like Rodney Dangerfield. But even he couldn’t make any headway if his image was being a pussy. See, it’s all about the image. Since these people won’t respect you as an equal, you can’t really put them down much.

So since you can’t humiliate a bully – the best thing is to beat him up harshly or stay from him!

If someone can make comebacks to bullies, please share some and whether they were effective or not.

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3 thoughts on “Making Comebacks to Bullies”

  1. The problem with bullies is that they will bring you down to THEIR level — and beat you with more experience.

    The few bullies I’ve had in the last 10-12 years were all emotional bullies rather than physical ones. I was in a 2-year relationship with one of my bullies. She’d constantly make me feel worthless. I tried everything I could to win her over, and she’d humiliate me in front of her friends.

    This is what I learned from that experience: if you’re dating a woman, make sure you like her choice of friends. The people she surrounds herself with reflect a lot about her taste personality. If all of them are shitheads, then don’t expect her to be a better person.

    I am no saint. I have possibly ruined a few women’s lives, and I feel guilty over it. There was this incredibly nice girl I knew somewhere around 2013…last time I saw her Facebook status, she was still single. But, I am through with her completely.

    The whole relationship we had was built on lies. I was only using her for sex while cheating on the side. Finally I decided to let her go; she deserved someone way better than me. It was a painful break-up and she wanted me back at any cost, but I knew that’d mean I continue exploiting her.

    A vicious circle. I mean I am ok with exploiting a girl for sex for a week, a month at the most. But beyond that, I can’t live with myself.

    Sadly she’s still single.

  2. Philistines were big strong Europeans with chariots and iron weapons. Sissraelites write a book in which their puny boy King takes out the biggest/baddest motherfucker in Philistia with a simple stone and sling. Europe is Christianized and eventually Philistine becomes an insult there.

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