Game/PUA: Natural Law Wants Males to Be Masculine and Females to Be Feminine

Polar Bear and I are both suggesting that Nature wants men and women to be a certain way, and when we decide to act in a way contrary to the way Nature wants us to act, the result is unhappiness. Mother Nature bats last.  She always gets the last laugh too. And you can’t fool her either. She’s always got that winning card hidden up her sleeve somewhere.

I have noticed that feminine (not effeminate) straight men are not very happy. Sometimes I get around these guys, and they start acting a lot more masculine, apparently riffing off me. While I’m not the most masculine guy around, I’m positively macho compared to a lot of feminine men.

I have noticed that these men often jump at the opportunity to act macho and embrace their masculinity. It’s like it was hiding in there all along, and it was just waiting for a signal to break out. And they seem very happy while they are acting masculine. Like they finally found their groove.

I have also noticed that when females are really horny and definitely want to fuck, their behavior changes, and they start acting a lot more feminine. I have seen pretty bitchy women convert into fluttery Southern belles simply because I made them horny or they were in love with me.

The two things – female horniness and “love” – have a lot more in common than you think, guys. When they’re madly in love, women often get insatiably horny. It’s like love turns on the female sex drive.

I have also noticed that when women get into this extreme feminine or submissive behavior around me, they truly seem to be in their special happy place. Deep down inside, this is where they all want to be, submissive and feminine.

Hence butch women or domineering bitches often seem miserable. Domineering bitches are being turned that way by their wimpy male partners, and while they seem to enjoy tormenting these guys; in reality, I think they are resentful at these men for not acting more masculine and forcing the woman to wear the pants.

They don’t really enjoy beating up on these guys. If you look closely, a lot of these bitches don’t look very happy. They deliberately seek out wimpy men to dominate and beat up on, but these are not happy relationships for either party.

Obviously the man is miserable by being dominated by a bitchy women, and the bitches themselves seem to resent being forced into this role as I suggested above.

Like all women, even domineering bitches probably long for a masculine man to dominate them, boss them around, and maybe even put them in their place.

You know how many women have specifically requested me to dominate them in bed? More than a few.

And a woman once told me to come over to her place for the weekend:

“I really need a man to boss me around. I haven’t been laid in forever.”

That freaked me out. What? She wants to be bossed around? Afraid so. And she ain’t the only one, guys.

If you study the mating habits of mammals, the female tends to act quite submissive and “feminine” when she is mating. The male often acts with exaggerated masculinity when he is mating.

The same thing happens in humans. Go to a bar some time and watch a couple pick each other up. I saw a couple at a bar near me do this. They were both Hispanic, so they believe in traditional sex roles. As they got more and more into each other, the man got increasingly masculine. It seemed that he was almost growing taller in front of my eyes. And the woman got more feminine as she got more into the guy. On the contrary, she seemed to almost shrink in his presence.

I am reading a book about grizzly bears now, and the author is witnessing a pair of bears mating. Yep, the male exaggerates his swagger, and the female almost cowers in front of the male, to the extent that a male grizzly can actually act more tough and to the degree that a female grizzly can get submissive at all, anyway.

It’s the heterosexual dance, and we humans are all mammals. I have long said that I didn’t really start to understand male and female humans in a sexual sense until I started studying higher mammals and comparing them to us humans.

Want to know how human females act in a sexual sense? Study those female elk, those female elephant seals.

Want to know how human males act in a sexual sense? Same thing. Study male cats, elk, or seals.

Mammals are like us in surprising ways,  all the way down to the Alphas with their harems, and the females taking a number and waiting in line to fuck the Alpha. Mammals even have legions of incels cast aside, Darwinian losers and dead ends.

The incel seals, the bachelors who aren’t getting any lady seal pussy, are stranded on these rock formations they call haul-outs, while the psychopathic monster elephant seal has his harem of 50 seal babes. I have no idea what those poor incel seals are doing there on their haul-outs other than barking. Holding their seal dicks in their flippers, I guess.

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22 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Natural Law Wants Males to Be Masculine and Females to Be Feminine”

  1. They don’t really enjoy beating up on these guys. If you look closely, a lot of these bitches don’t look very happy. They deliberately seek out wimpy men to dominate and beat up on, but these are not happy relationships for either party.

    They’re often that way cause they don’t respect the man because he cheats. How much do you guess that’s the case?

    Bitchy women? If you’re not married to them, the best idea is to get away from them, but this can be tough if there are family ties involved. Anyway, my tolerance for them is zero – even one bitchy mocking remark, and there will be confrontation (breaking of social media ties etc..).

    I suppose your married partner can be different. It very well could be your shitty behavior causing her to be a bitch. I mean, the woman cannot be that much a bitch to have married you and – I suspect extreme bitches – are also married to extreme assholes.

    1. That ain’t the way it works. Bitchy women deliberately seek out soft men to be with. Sadly this is sort of been a theme in my life because I’m not the most masculine guy out there. For instance, sometimes I have a very soft voice. You can barely hear me. But a lot of women like it anyway for some reason. It has a seductive tone to it, so it doesn’t seem too pussy IMHO.

      Bitchy women don’t end up with macho men because those guys will just kill those bitches LOL. Maybe they want macho guys but macho men are not going to put up with that shit.

      Haven’t seen many cases of a woman turned into a complete bitch because her man was an asshole. The usual response to that either all out war or the woman goes submissive.

      Stockholming is also very common. I had two gf’s who were in abusive relationships. One of them got shot in the head by her husband! The other one referred to her ex as “the psycho.” He seemed to be trying to kill her too. She just went completely submissive when she was with him.

      Both women described themselves as having been Stockholmed.

      An aggro woman and a macho asshole? You usually just get World War 3. Most people don’t call those women bitches though for some reason. Those are just women who fight with their men. I’m not sure what you call them. A lot of them are quite normal when they are not fighting – just regular women.

      That stuff doesn’t seem to be very common. I don’t often see World War 3 type relationships.

      1. It might be the case that they seek out dorks, but the dorks evolve to become as much bitches as their wives. It’s like the men are deliberately turning into monsters because the women will mocking their masculinity if they don’t.

        I had a experience with that with my brother. I disowned his ass (no social media connections) because I’m so sick of his “ass remarks”. It might make me an SJW or sissy, but I’m simply not putting up with his garbage.

        1. You sound just like Dayton Hypernova. SJWs see Nazis and bullies everywhere. Don’t throw your family away for SJW bullshit. Your dad’s like Archie Bunker but he didn’t rape you. What did yor brother do that was so bad?

        2. LOL it doesn’t make you an SJW or a sissy at all. You stood up to your brother who’s been treating you like shit forever. That’s a manly thing to do! The pussy thing to do is to sit there and take it like a bitch.

          1. “ass remarks” sounds he might be trying to sissify you. The amount of bullies made me a little skeptical, most TN folks I’ve met get teased for strong accents. Maybe that’s karma for bullying you. Your Uncle and Dad seem cool at least.

          2. “ass remarks” sounds he might be trying to sissify you. The amount of bullies made me a little skeptical, most TN folks I’ve met get teased for strong accents. Maybe that’s karma for bullying you. Your Uncle and Dad seem cool at least.

            This is certainly abuse and wrong. These are incredibly arrogant people.

          3. Well, they made me laugh. I can nitpick anyone till the cows come home. Everyone complains to me about their dad being an alcoholic, meanie, etc. So were many dads including my own. Big whoop, none of us are special victims. He didn’t rape you and probably did a lot for you just by sticking around.

          4. Jason doesn’t have a bad accent, but you should hear his Mom or grandma or whoever the Hell it is. Jason doesn’t live at home but he does live close by, just to clear that up.

            That mom/grandma…Jesus Christ, I could barely understand a single word she said. That was one English accent from Hell. I’d wager that hard Appalachian English is basically a separate language. It’s not really Standard English. It’s Appalachian English, a different language altogether.

  2. That’s interesting about Grizzly Bears. I know wolves really get into piss play. Bears are into scents but I don’t believe we piss on eachother.

  3. Quote by PB

    “ass remarks” sounds he might be trying to sissify you. The amount of bullies made me a little skeptical, most TN folks I’ve met get teased for strong accents. Maybe that’s karma for bullying you. Your Uncle and Dad seem cool at least.

    His sons are so fucked up. Probably because he sissifies them all the time – thinking he’s being fatherly.

    It’s not cool to speak to kids with no respect – at any time. If you have a problem with them – punish them – but don’t belittle them!

    Well, the mom is to blame also – being one of those domineering ones.

      1. It seriously hasn’t worked with those sons – cause it’s just turned them into little psychos. Well, as far as I know – neither have a girlfriend, one is actually diagnosed mentally ill I think. They both live at home way into their 20s.

        I would think “real men” raised by “tough dads” would be out at 18!

        1. Not necessarily. I know a lot of real men who lived at home for a long time. I knew other real men who moved back home after a divorce and kids. Yeah you want to get out of the house, but a lot of people go to school and whatnot. But working class people are supposed to take off upon adulthood or soon after. I am not an advocate of adults living at home. It delays maturity. I lived at home too long myself and it was not a good thing.

          1. We’re meant to leave the nest when we want sex. Mamas should cook and clean, a wifes duty is the same plus sex.

          2. You can’t really get laid when you live at home, that’s for sure. Although I knew some parents when I was at university who would let my friend’s gf spend the night with him. Most parents aren’t like that, though.

            Really if you want to get laid as an adult, move out! I didn’t really practice what I preached, but that’s because I was doing it wrong.

        2. This don’t even sound like macho guys. They strike me as a couple of little bitches, albeit with a Hell of a bratty attitude. Just little antisocial fucks.

      2. How does a man sissify his sons, anyway?

        Yeah, a lot of men come out ok from hardass fathers in spite of them, not because of them. Strictness has its benefits for teenage boys and young men though, I will grant you that.

        Are they trying to say that hardass fathers produce sissy boys? That doesn’t seem correct.

        1. They’re messed up for sure. I remember they went on this beach vacation – one that most people couldn’t afford. They pissed on my brother’s car. They were smart-asses the whole time – from what I heard. This was when they were around 15.

          Well, boys will be boys – but these kids were constantly disrespectful – every time they came to visit my mom’s house.

          So they’re taught to be masculine maybe – but something is missing. Something is empty.

          1. There’s something wrong with these little shits. They don’t sound masculine or hypermasculine at all. They sound like a couple of bratty little bitches, honestly.

        2. Victim mentality is just not my way. My father was a hardass and a sissy in some ways, most humans are round imperfect characters. I feel fathers need to given a break in general. Unless they broke a golden rule, just let them read the paper in peace.

  4. If you don’t have victim mentality, you can overcome almost anything. It’s not all on the parents, there’s only so much they can do. Ideally good parent, good kid.

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