The Downside of the Self-Esteem Movement

Now, I’m not advocating being cruel, which, well I shouldn’t, but I sometimes think @Robert Lindsay is. However, I can’t totally be down with Mr. Rogers’ kind of thinking. I guess you would call it “snowfake-ism”. Mr. Rogers wasn’t advocating that – I don’t think – nor Bob Ross, the art teacher, but their soft attitudes can lead to such thinking.

Anyway, the self-esteem movement is bad because it’s simply ill-preparing kids for a world full of judgmental assholes , and, of course, more often than not, these people are not right in their judgement (@Robert Lindsay might disagree).

I mean, it’s not a good thing for someone to call a woman ugly simply cause she’s just a lazy dresser (never tried to be feminine). However, some guys will indeed bully such a woman. So the possible victims need to be prepared for such people, and if they’re brought up being unaware that those “evil people” exist, it’s going to be shattering.

Like when in a recent story in the news, a wheelchair-bound teen won a lot of money, and  stupid neighborhood brats picked on her out of jealousy, and then she killed herself cause she couldn’t take it.

Another Downside of the Self Esteem Movement

I suspect a lot of those picked on for being different have reacted against the heat by turning into assholes themselves. It’s just a theory. However, two wrongs don’t make a right. If these victims would have dealt properly with the pressure, would they have become the serial killers, serial bullies, and serial Archie Bunkers they are now?

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