Is Jealousy the Worst Human Emotion?

Well, it certainly is up there on the top. Let’s put it this way, “The worst of people seems to come out as jealousy”.  Case in point is the story I’ve written about on here about the disabled teen who committed suicide after winning a million dollars or something because some local jerks started mocking her, saying stuff like “We’re going to roll your wheelchair over a cliff!”.

From my experience in South Korea, I could see jealousy right up close, as nobody would ever get off my ass for being American. Some of the hate was justified – as in perhaps our country is oppressing them – but…that was not the motivation! They’re just jealous of anyone from the United States because it’s seen as the top nation all around.

Other Destructive Emotions

Some people that run their mouth, assuming they’re saying opinions that are unpopular will get a lot of heat, especially when it’s amplified over social media. Is jealousy the root of it? Could be. There are lots of insecure people with a need to bitch constantly, so they’re on the prowl looking for a target. I mean, who cares about some dumbo’s opinion on stuff, right? But apparently a lot of people do, as I was practically ripped to shreds socially in my own hometown.

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