Alt Left: Treatment of Official Minority Groups in China

SHI: They are forcing the Uyghurs, what remains of the Tibetans and the Mongols in Inner Mongolia to intermarry with the Han population so that the country’s Sinicization is complete. They’re already 95% Han Chinese in that country. It’s not good enough for them, so now they want to push it to 100%.

I haven’t heard about that. Perhaps that is because those ethnicities are in rebellion.

There are ~80 officially recognized ethnic groups in China. They represent millions of people. They have full cultural rights. They all also have a right to native tongue education in school – that’s right, most Chinese minorities get to take their education in their native language.

For the larger ethnicities like the Uyghurs and Tibetans, I believe they even have universities in their languages. They are allowed to have TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines in their native languages. I’m not aware of any efforts to wipe out any other ethnicities by marrying them into the Han. Mostly they just live in their ethnic areas (which are often autonomous zones), and everyone just leaves them alone to do what they want.

All of those ethnicities were in terrible shape before the Communists took over. The CCP improved things dramatically for all of those groups. A lot of them were living in feudalism or near-slavery. Also the CCP dramatically improved all of these groups in terms of economics. There was a webpage up for a while from the Chinese government that over in great deal how the  Chinese government had improved matters for each ethnic group. It was very convincing.

China has long been at the forefront of good treatment for its minorities. The USSR was too.

The thing is that a Kashmir-type episode probably would never happen in China. Kashmiris would have been given full cultural rights and right to education in their native tongue in China. Also they would have given them an autonomous zone. It doesn’t sound like India has done anything like this to Kashmir, right?

Are you aware the current fascist leadership of India is planning to send 2 million people in Assam to detention camps?

2 million Assamese to camps? Wow.

SHI: I just feel a large nation state like PRC is too powerful for its own good.

The problem is that the enemies of China are the ones who want to break it up. They want to do this in order to weaken it. See how that works? Why break up your country to make it weaker when that’s nothing but a plot via your enemies?

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Treatment of Official Minority Groups in China”

  1. The thing is that a Kashmir-type episode probably would never happen in China. Kashmiris would have been given full cultural rights and right to education in their native tongue in China. Also they would have given them an autonomous zone. It doesn’t sound like India has done anything like this to Kashmir, right?

    This is what India has been doing since August 2019 after scrapping Article 370 which gave autonomy to the Kashmiris. It’s a clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions. But India is chummy with Western powers and even Russia who look in the other direction. Only China is opposed to India’s hegemony in Kashmir and is taking Pakistan’s side on this matter.

    1. Arrested all local politicians in Kashmir. Keeping them under lock and key for more than three months. No one knows whether they’re dead or alive.

    2. Detained more than 12,000 Kashmiri boys and girls on fabricated charges of terrorism. No one knows where they’re being held. Some of them might have been massacred by now.

    3. There’s no Internet in Kashmir since August 2019. Imagine living three months without any Internet access. India has also snapped phone communication lines.

    4. Kashmiri women are being raped with impunity by lustful Indian soldiers. I don’t completely blame them. Kashmiri women are very beautiful: in comparison to Kashmiri women, many Indian women look like chimpanzees.

    5. They are trying an Israel-style settler colonial project in Kashmir Valley. They want to fill up the place with street-shitter Indians from all over India to alter the demographics of the valley. So far they haven’t been able to pull this off due to scrutiny by Amnesty International and the United Nations.

    Kashmir could have remained a beautiful place had it decided to stay independent or even merge with Pakistan after 1947. Instead they’re stuck with third-world India.

    I’ve been to Kashmir once as a child. It’s a place of breathtaking beauty: green meadows, beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, walnut trees, apple trees…they deserve far better than to live with Indians.

    2 million Assamese to camps? Wow.

    This isn’t the India of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru anymore. That country died in 2014. And more recently in May 2019 when Modi was re-elected.

    1. Pakistan and Bangladesh are Third World too, and Kashmir itself is Third World and lacking development. It’s beautiful due to the natural (one could say “God given”) environment.

      What is being done to Kashmiris is wrong, there shouldn’t be military there at all, and Article 370 should be brought back.

      But independence would not be possible, as Kashmir had a minority of around 500,000 Kashmiri Hindus back in the 90s, most of whom fled the valley due to the violence. Before that they were spread in all parts of Kashmir, so dividing Kashmir based on religious lines like Partition 1947 would not be possible.

      If Kashmir were to become an independent country, then the Hindu minority is very likely to be mistreated. A 95% Muslim majority country would undoubtedly declare Islam as their state religion and turn itself into a theocracy.

      Democracy after all is a dictatorship of the majority and that applies to not just the entire nation, but also to the states, districts, Sub-districts, towns, cities, villages, neighborhoods. The ethnic group with the larger population has more power and influence.

    2. China’s opinion is irrelevant in this matter when their treatment of Uyghurs is far worse. They do not even allow them to do their prayers or keep beards. UN is a Zionist organisation. If they were any good then Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine would not have been invaded.

      If you are Bengali like Robert says then you should know that Pakistanis thought very lowly of Bengalis hence they committed genocide against Bengalis in 1971. They openly called them “Black bastards”. They were upset that Bengalis had more influence in politics due to their large population. They felt insulted to be ruled by people of a darker race than them. They considered Bengalis beneath them. Pakistan is one of, if not the most racist country in the world. In 1971, they raped over 3 million women as a part of genocidal rape. “We will make you breed Punjabi children” – A Pakistani soldier told a Bengali woman as he was raping her even though most Punjabis are very dark too but even they looked down on Bengalis, calling them Black bastards, rats, ugly race, etc…
      Women of all ages were raped for several weeks by as many as 30 men. Some women hanged themselves using their own hair due to the trauma.

      1. Slight correction – they killed over 3 million people and raped some 300,000 women. Far worse than the Holohoax btw and one of the worst genocides of the 20th century.

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