Disturbing and Wrong Sexual Deviancy – Money to Burn


No, this isn’t just guys getting their kicks. This is abuse of minors as described in @Robert Lindsay’s article, written by a person who otherwise isn’t so interested in today’s social justice scene.

But.. why is this? You mean, people from all walks of life are feeding this abominable sex trade – people like priests, boy scout leaders, lawyers, bankers, girls basketball coaches? Yes, indeed, because these people have money to burn – maybe not as much as the rich – but they have enough.

We need to get a handle on this abominable sex slavery trade because these people are certainly heading down a wickedly bad path by anyone’s standards!

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3 thoughts on “Disturbing and Wrong Sexual Deviancy – Money to Burn”

  1. Cub scout leaders, priests, and coaches. Oh my. I consider myself lucky to have never been molested by these groups, others in my school weren’t so lucky.

  2. I was so lucky to have normal parents. Well, at the most – my dad was an Archie Bunker bigot – but it could have been way worse!

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