Trump and Other Republicans – They Just Can’t Obey the Law!

Trump, like Nixon, has successfully played to Cultural Right based on the notion that attacks on the Left are justified because the Cultural Left had it coming.

Seriously, why can’t these Republicans obey the law?

Nixon won by a landslide anyway in ’72, so what was the point of Watergate?

Now with Trump, two times (or more?) he has broken the law (Did he get off on the first chance as a false alarm?), and last time, like with Nixon, he disavowed the rules to try to win even though his chances of winning the election are very high, and he even has unlimited campaign funds (billionaire), so I don’t get it!

What are  the serious chances of him losing in 2020 with such a good economy? Yet he still cheats. Is it because people like Trump have some sort of criminal disease? It reminds me of these career Mafia guys who seem to have a criminal instinct and cannot obey the law to save their life. Anyone seen the movie My Blue Heaven with Steve Martin (comedy)?

The Rightwing Media Keeps Making Excuses

What excuse is it now? I mean, regardless of whether the intended effect happened, the president still broke the law even if you claim tree-hugging pansies are leading the charge.

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