They Just Aren’t Getting Any!

Of course, these 4-chan types on the net aren’t getting any, but oddly, they’re saying women are bitches because they’re not getting any (as in Alpha male action).

It’s All Capitalism

Well, actually neither group is getting any. Instead the richer males are stealing all of what society considers hot women. And I don’t think these unattractive women are after looks (@Robert Lindsay might disagree.) but are simply wanting money. So basically, anyone with money no matter how nerdy will get a hot woman (what society considers hot). I really believe this.


Some disabled 4-chan troll or forum poster living on a fixed income from the government isn’t going to get a hot woman. There’s no chance of it  and he’s not interested in a homely or fat women, assuming they haven’t been taken by Blacks anyway cause Blacks, despite their lower status in the US, are simply better able to care for women than autistic people.

Mail-Order Bride Types

They’re all after money, so why wouldn’t women in the US be also?

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