Nerdy Asian Guys – Angry at Foreign ESL Teachers

Why? Well, for the same reasons autistic semi-White supremacists are angry in the US. Basically, the White ESL teachers are big shots getting all the attention and women, while these nerdy Asian guys have to serve military duty for no pay (in South Korea at least), work at crummy beta jobs like PC cafe attendant, etc..

These guys could eventually get women once their careers picked up, but in the meantime, they’re very frustrated and jealous of people who seem to be pretentious foreign cocksuckers – lol.

How would this relate more to the situation in the US? Well, I’m sure most rejected guys don’t like Tom Cruise, Tom Brady the star high school quarterback, or especially some rich brat who can buy any woman he wants.

Super-Angry Asian Racist Forum

Well, Stormfront has met it’s match – at least in the past- on the Asia Finest Forum. Here are some of the most creepy, jealous math students around. The funny thing is that so many of them live in the US.

But the question remains – If you don’t love it – leave it. With these people around, how can you be sure Bin Laden wasn’t getting major help – lol?

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