Why CP Is Wrong

Because you wouldn’t want that done to you if you were a kid. It’s as simple as that! It’s the Biblical law treating others how you would want to be treated.

What sick fucks like NAMBLA who would want CP legal maybe.

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5 thoughts on “Why CP Is Wrong”

  1. NAMBLA was founded by Jews. To me underage boy fucking is even more evil because it has a vampire effect. I’ve heard underage intelligent White boys are the best blood sacrifice for Satanic/dark magic types, the ultimate evil is sacrificing an innocent and intelligent White boy.

    1. Well, no doubt crime has it’s share of Jews – but, honestly, it’s just punks doing the molesting often times. They can be any background.

      1. True, just lowlifes usually molesting. But child sacrifices, torture babies, ect. has a disproportionate amount of Jews. NAMBLA, child pornographers, ect. Jewy as fuck. Most filth in the world is not Jews, but they are at top eshelons, profiting off it, ect.

    2. Was it really founded by Jews. I know Allen Ginsberg was a longtime member. But so was Samuel R. Delaney. And Harry Hay was a longtime supporter.

      1. Ginsberg is said to be a founding member in some sources. Not finding much on Davids Thorstads race. David and Thor are obvious religious heroes in the Jewish and Norse religions. Hay is Anglo I believe. I also read an article about Israel being a safe-haven for pedophiles and a Russian pedo ring having a lot of Jews, they are far from innocent in any case.

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