CP Case: Probable Cause from One Eyewitness – From Website Suggestions

There have been no website suggestions given on this site to give probable cause to any of the main authors. However, is that true or not?

Also, my friend in another state getting busted from one eyewitnesses’ testimony? That’s pretty whacked and scary, to be honest

I refer to probable cause to investigate the computer. That’s the first step. Any idea anyone on probable cause or good links about it?

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One thought on “CP Case: Probable Cause from One Eyewitness – From Website Suggestions”

  1. Jason you need to quit worrying about this shit regarding this site. We aren’t doing a damned thing. Anyway there are literally tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people posting, liking, retweeting CP, quasi-CP, borderline CP, etc.

    There were literally hundreds of people openly admitting to distributing and collecting CP, freely stating that they are pedos, conspiring with women to get with pedo Moms, Moms offering their kids for money to pedos, people blatantly stating that they are molesting their own kids, etc. There were probably tens of thousands of posts retweeting or liking posts along those lines. I mean it’s a tidal wave of blatant pedo types out there. And it seems like most of them are getting away with it because I cannot imagine how LE has the manpower to go after all these pedo-type criminals.

    Compared to our posts on here, we ain’t doing shit. Obviously none of us are pedos, none of us are collecting that crap and none of us are molesting kids. So this conversation is completely innocent. Actually most of the talk on these threads is very anti-pedo.

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