When Adults Become Kids – Moral Ji-had-ness

Some people are obsessed with kids, so they want to boss everyone around like they do to their own kids. It’s very condescending and obnoxious. Some people might be sort of “tards” to some degree and may well be asking for this treatment, but seriously, other than maybe your roommate, it’s not anybody’s business if you’re a slob, a ne’er-do-well, a loser, etc..

Well, I would take this stuff to be out-group bullying, which, unlike kidding around with buddies, is not tolerable. It’s just disrespect plain and simple, and it warrants a reaction like the ones to Pearl Harbor or the Boston Massacre.

How did this society of “do-goody parents” come about?

Much is about PC I think. Basically, it’s a type of abusive idealism, a lot stemming from being parents too long. “Do this. Do that. Shut up etc…”

When is it justified?

Maybe with parents who smoke around children – but that’s more a matter for the cops – it shouldn’t be grounds for “holier-than-thou harassment”.

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