Why Are People Moralfags?

Human nature operates more on fear than love. I mean, fear causes moralfagness and also racism, sexism, homophobia, you name it!

Anyway, @Robert Lindsay made some recent articles about false child-porn accusations, and this doesn’t surprise me given human nature. I can understand people wanting to protect their kids, as they are more important to them than a million dollars, BUT people go into overkill – witch-hunts if you will cause I seriously believe people get off on moral superiority.

Final Thought

Considering society operates so much on fear, it’s actually amazing (sarcasm here) that the Jews have managed to create the western multiculturalism! They have created a “fear of racism, sexism, homophobia” tyranny – which operates just like a White bigot tyranny.

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One thought on “Why Are People Moralfags?”

  1. Why are people moralfags?

    Simple. This is because they are mediocre and will never touch greatness. Pooping on another person’s lawn is so much easier than cleaning up your own life.

    They had the previous blog shut down. That didn’t slake their thirst for revenge. Robert just wants to be left alone with like-minded company. It’s something these moralfags don’t get. It’s his blog, Goddamnit. He can run it whatever way he wants.

    You should have a large banner on this blog’s homepage. “No street-shitters welcome. Please go and poop in some other person’s lawn.”


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