Snake Oil Scammers

They have and probably are now popping up with quick methods to make money on the Internet. However, they are just that – snake oil scammers – as they are simply promoting fads. Some fads I have seen in the past are “Get a Peruvian domain to increase your website’s visibility (via SEO).” or “Submit your article to Digg (with a link to your website for increased search engine visibility)”.

Anyway, with the first – the guy literally set up a tent-revival thing (a busy forum coming out of nowhere), and indeed, like with the other scammer, he had the proof, and the proof attracted the swarms of bees!

I’m not sure if I should call these people scammers, as they aren’t lying necessarily, but it’s just the promotion of passing fads. One time I even made money from them. I would increase my sites’ visibility by simply registering domains with the targeted search engine phrase. An example of this would be someone targeting “Used Cars” so they would register the domains UsedCars.Biz or UsedCars.Info.

Those method don’t work as well now; maybe they don’t work at all. Google put the hammer on this stuff, so the couple of hundred bucks a month I was making in 2011 eventually stopped.

My Advice

Don’t trust passing fads, even if they can at the moment work. Go for long-term methods. Also remember, social media and email lists are the thing now – and for the short-term future probably – and it takes money – usually a good sacrifice of it – to make money.

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