Alt Left: Some Dynamics of Black and White Cultures in the US – Culture Clash and Hellscapes

Blacks will never understand White feelings towards them because they did not grow up in our culture. If Blacks grew up in White culture, and yes, it is absolutely a thing despite what the White self-haters say, Blacks would have figured this out a long time ago. More than anything else, it is a set of values. Fairly strict and serious values, not as serious as the Asians, but pretty damned serious, especially with very strict rules about politeness, appropriate behavior, and whatnot.

If you consistently go below the bar in White culture, people will get in your face, scream and  yell at you, cause huge scenes in public. Scenes in public are outrageous in White culture and either mean someone is deranged or someone is in horrible violation of codes.

If you consistently violate the moral rules of White culture like 50% of Blacks routinely do, in White society, you will literally be thrown out of restaurants, stores, and homes, and people will make big scenes when they do it.

People will even start retaliating against you – throwing rocks at you, stealing your stuff, vandalizing your property. Someone might leave dogshit on your front porch. And you are cruising for a bruising too. You simply going to get hit if you keep this up.

For this reason, there are multitude of things that “You just don’t do!” in this nonexistent White culture of ours. A lot of the time it is too strict. I was fired from a job for taking a sick day on the 10th day of a new job. The response from the depraved Normie faggot boss who fired me: “You just don’t do that! You just don’t do that!” But I was sick.

Whites do not look at “Black culture” because there is no such thing. There are various Black cultures here in the US, maybe 20-30 of them. Quite a few are functional. Alpha has shown me this and I am very thankful to her for that. I will be indebted to her for this for the rest of my life.

But there are certain Black cultures, mostly urban and modern, which fall into the rubric of ghetto or low class Black cultures. Perhaps 50% of Blacks live in cultures of this type.

They are different but they all have certain things in common. In these cultures the sort of behavior that will very quickly make you persona non-grata in any White community is done habitually, casually, on a daily basis without a thought in the world. And that’s when they are acting pretty good.

When they are acting bad, which is very regularly, their behavior is off the charts menacing, criminal, dangerous and often deranged, unfathomable, or simply insane.

In White communities, we don’t deal with much open criminal behavior. Armed robbery and homicides are rare. We feel safe most of the time. We usually don’t feel menaced except by a few psychos and punks who everyone hates.

Black cultures in the US have six times more crime and eight times more violent crime than White  societies. You can’t expect Whites to not notice or react to discrepancies like that! But if we notice it we’re evil!

Blacks never grew up in our White culture, so they will never understand what sort of otherworldly violations of our moral and politeness cultural rules so many Blacks engage in as automatically as breathing.

Further, those of us who are liberal are concerned. Bad Black culture mostly impacts Black people. Antiracists literally don’t care about how these cultures holocaust their own Black communities because even to acknowledge this fact is racist in and of itself. For these Blacks, mention of the facts above are all bad PR, so it’s like the problems are not even there.

Blacks get their pride and ego hurt by the truths of Black culture and behavior, so they shut it all down, deny that these truths exist, project the bad Black behavior onto Whites, and claim that Whites are the awful, criminal, evil people. This stuff is Psychology 100.

But we White liberals care so much more than antiracist types about the devastating effects of Black cultures on Black people themselves than antiracists do. To us it looks like a Holocaust. We see how many Blacks are horribly victimized, damaged, traumatized, assaulted, robbed, beat up, shot at, and even murdered by their own culture. Our sympathy is with these Black victims.

Antiracists literally do not care about these victims because to acknowledge them hurts their feelings, so it’s off the table. Fighting evil racism is more important that acknowledging the truths about Black cultures and showing sympathy for these urban battlefields full of wounded and killed Blacks that their own culture causes. Fighting racism is more important than the Holocaust of Black victims of their own cultures.

We want to help the victims. We want to ameliorate the problem. We look out there and see Black society at large as a clusterfuck, a public health crisis (the Black victims are actually a public health crisis in and of themselves), and near warzones. You can’t expect liberals not to be concerned with literal warzones as bad as Iraq in our big cities.

Mostly this does not affect us because we are not victimized by it. 90% of the victims are Black. We care about these people – care much more than antiracists. It breaks our hearts.

We are appalled. And we are shocked. Shocked that these conditions exist in our society. It’s a black eye and an embarrassment.

Because this is a clusterfuck and a holocaust of Black people, some liberals care. It’s obvious that there are problems here.

This caring means we are literally evil.

We are not pessimists. We do not think this situation is genetically doomed. We are trying to figure out why it happens and make some suggestions for improving this matter – in order to save Black lives, preserve Black bodies, make Black cities livable, and to keep so many Blacks from being victimized.

And for this, the antiracists condemns us. Why? It’s embarrassing. It hurts their egos. It’s humiliating.

Well, we care more about helping all those Black victims than we about the hurt egos of antiracists, sorry about that.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Some Dynamics of Black and White Cultures in the US – Culture Clash and Hellscapes”

  1. It’s just more scenes from the Negro Reservation in the US.

    One problem is that outside the south, they literally don’t care about Blacks – only that they stay far away! I mean, in the South, there was some allowing of them being close but “not too superior”.

    The scene in Southern Appalachia is way better than in the Deep South cause the Deep South simply has too many Blacks.

    The Deep South tried to care about the huge number of Blacks there but only by installing an Apartheid police state.

  2. BLM, Black Israelites, kneeling at games, etc. Present company excluded, Blacks have the most clowns. That’s the feeling Black characters give me the most: “WTF!”. Whites can be bad but no White randomly threw a kid down two stories off a balcony in the Mall of America. Such craziness belongs to Blacks.

    1. This is a good point. I was thinking of all of the ways that half of Blacks in a quotidian way act in ways that would almost immediately get any human thrown out of any White community in a day or so. In the meantime, they would get punched in the face if not beat up, people would steal from them, fifty people would scream at them, and three people would call the police for no particular reason.

      This is the sort of behavior that is so outrageous in White culture that it is literally “beyond the pale” or outside of possible experience. It’s like behavior you might find on another planet. Yet there are half of Black people, behaving daily in ways that are literally outside of possibility to Whites due to outrageousness. White people look at this and are shocked, stunned, freaked out, outraged, furious, and mostly incomprehending.

      Antiracists and Blacks can’t seem to figure out why this “typical Black behavior” triggers us daily in such an incendiary fashion. I am not sure these people will ever understand this. But really, this is why so many people don’t like Blacks. Bad behavior. Antis and Black people will never admit that for ego-defensive purposes.

      Most people are good and kindhearted. They are not evil, irrational haters, sadists who delight in hurting others for no good reason. Most people, even most Whites, would rather make love than war. We like to overlook a lot of bad behavior.

      But some stuff is so far in the Twilight Zone that we can’t help but feel outraged, furious and mostly uncomprehending. “How could any human being ever possibly think this is an ok thing to do? ” It’s outside of our level of experience.

      I did note that there is an increased level of instability in Blacks as a group. Rates of certain mental illnesses are higher, especially schizophrenia for reasons no one has ever explained. This aspect of Black behavior looks more like a Psychosis Scale rather than a Psychopathic Scale for the other behaviors.

      A lot of the incongruous and brain-wrenching Black behavior you read about all the time screams psychosis for a capital P. It’s like a “Bizarre” factor.

      Thanks for putting a handle on that. Others have noted this “clown” aspect. Over on American Renaissance, they talk about it and does the Daily Stormer (sorry folks, I read it). “Blacks are clowns” is something like what is portrayed.

      But Alpha, Tulio, Greg, Damien, and Phil are not the slightest bit nutty or even unstable.

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