Game/PUA: Normies Are Idiots: No One Understands the Phenomenon of Incel Periods in Men

I was over there at the couple’s apartment in Silverlake. Their son lived in the apartment below and came up. He was very goodlooking in his early 20’s. He was also totally depressed and introverted. The parents were deferential towards him, as to a child you have sympathy for.

The couple had figured out the mystery of Bob. They figured out that I was straight. Congratulations! That settles that. But I still didn’t make sense.

But they thought I was not dating and not having any sex. Like,”Why is this drop-dead handsome totally hot straight man not getting laid.” They were utterly baffled by this.

They seemed to conclude that I hated sex, which was wrong, but Normies have been thinking that about me my whole life. Normies think if you’re not getting any sex, it’s because you are a repressed prude or you hate sex. Idiots.

There’s not a whole lot of straight men who hate sex. Most guys who are not getting any do not hate sex. Everyone thinks that because Normies are fucktards, but most of them are just having an incel moment.

The couple, baffled, brought up T.H. Lawrence, the extremely handsome Lawrence of Arabia, and how he was celibate apparently because he didn’t like sex. He was straight, very handsome, and charming, but he wasn’t getting any because I guess he didn’t like sex.

I was straight, very handsome, and charming, but I seemed like I was not getting any so obviously I was an uptight prude or I hated sex. Somehow I was like this famous figure. Now it all added up.

They smiled, satisfied. They had figured out the mystery of me. Now I finally made sense. Albeit it was a bit odd for a young man to hate sex so much, but at least I was comprehensible now. T. H. Lawrence, 1923, is reincarnated as Robert Lindsay 60 years later, 1983.

Except they had gotten it all wrong, as usual for Normie fucktards.

I thought that was bullshit because I was not an uptight prude, and I didn’t hate sex, but I didn’t say anything.

Really I was just shy around women, afraid to ask them out, and not having any luck. Probably most straight-appearing guys who are not dating have the same thing going on as I did. Basically going through incel periods. Which we all do, pretty much.

But to extrovert Normies, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. We introverts and shy people are utterly mysterious. Bottom line, we just don’t make sense. We are baffling.

Whereas we introverts know exactly what is going on, and we are not baffled at all. To us it makes complete sense, and we can’t figure out why that’s not obvious to everyone, even fucktarded Normies.

Later they started hating on me because they thought I was lazy and didn’t want to walk. They both got these huge sadistic grins on my face and told me to go happily die in the gutter. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” It’s not true that I am lazy and refuse to work. But that’s another post I guess.

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5 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Normies Are Idiots: No One Understands the Phenomenon of Incel Periods in Men”

  1. Someone should tell these fucking normies there’s more to life than sex. I’ve gone weeks and months without sex and I am perfectly fine with it.

    But, it won’t get through those thick skulls. They think they know everything about other people based on their own life experiences and don’t think twice before judging you.

    “Where’s your girlfriend? You’re not getting laid for sure?”
    “No you moron. I just don’t have the time or energy to invest in a relationship.”
    “You must be going to the hookers then?”
    “Maybe but it’s none of your business.”
    “Do you watch porn then?”
    “No. Why would I want to watch other dudes having sex. Porn is another name for cuckoldery.”
    “You’re weird, man.”

    How do I even explain to these boneheads that I have a more active presence around beautiful women? Well I don’t owe anyone any explanations, it’s my life. I enjoy my freedoms and the flexibility to mingle with any woman I choose. All those freedoms would come to an end if I were to get attached tomorrow.

    Screw attachments, commitments, marriage. I’m better off without all the normie stuff.

  2. As I mentioned in another comment, porn at least turns you stone-hearted, and I guess “player sex” is the same. If someone wanted to avoid it to maintain their soul, I could understand.

    Also, sex could get in the way of a career or being financially stable. I mean sex addicts blow thousands on porn at least in the past, so someone who could control that would be wise.

    1. Correct. There’s nothing wrong with porn if you aren’t addicted and can do without it. By porn, I only mean hardcore XXX sites. One might be turned on by a nude mannequin, that’s just a fetish and I won’t describe it as porn. I’m only against hardcore pornography sites because they degrade your soul.

      1. I only mean hardcore XXX sites…I’m only against hardcore pornography…

        What’s the difference between hardcore XXX sites and hardcore pornography? Seems to be the same thing, no?

        I’m only against hardcore pornography sites because they degrade your soul.

        There is something to this.

        1. What’s the difference between hardcore XXX sites and hardcore pornography? Seems to be the same thing, no?

          Believe it or not I haven’t watched porn in years! So can’t tell you the difference.

          Again I am not judging those who do watch porn. It’s an individual choice.

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