“Poseur” Working Men

Warning: Not a Doctor, Just Play One on TV.

I might sound like an elitist asshole saying this, but I don’t think a lot of American men work as hard as Latinos. Come on – to look tough, all you need in Tennessee is a 4/4 truck – preferably a monster one – and a beard. Look at electric grid readers or your typical plumber or auto mechanic. They simply aren’t doing work like illegals breaking their back all day in the hot sun.

Of course then we get into fast food, grocery stores, waiting tables, or dishwasher jobs. Again the work is nothing compared what illegals do, but they are less able to hide the “softness” cause they generally aren’t as macho as blue collar people.

Finally, you have the tons of people on welfare who literally do nothing. They’re scolded by the macho types as “drains on society,” thieves, and sissies.

But seriously, the people scolding them are not working much harder than they are. In fact, a lot of welfare types like I’ve seen on web development forums are indeed autistic people who bust their hind end doing web projects all day, normally for little or no pay! I mean time is money, right? How can someone who exerts little effort fixing a sink judge someone doing a web project?

The assumption from the blue-collars and others is that web development people aren’t doing “real work” or they’d get paid or that these people are lying and are just on cellphones, video games, and Internet all day, which is what a lot of welfare people do.

About Judging People

I can’t stand people who sit around and judge others’ work ethic. It’s really none of their business and they seriously – as noted – have no clue as to what’s really going on. But of course the motivation to judge is something people enjoy doing to feel superior. They get off on it!

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3 thoughts on ““Poseur” Working Men”

  1. 1st gen Latino>non-Latino White>2nd gen Latino. The illegals are newer so they will work harder. Speedy Gonzales was 1st generation Latino; the other mice were 2nd gen Latinos.

  2. I don’t care what people do to make money. But the judging of welfare people is annoying – considering most critics are not working at hard jobs – despite what they think (but why does having a macho job matter anyway?).

    Well, there are despicable disabled people playing on cellphones all day – but nobody can tell who they are.

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