What Are the Differences Between IQ’s of 120, 125, and 130

Rahul: Lindsay, how the hell are you!? It’s been a while. In your experiences, what is the difference between somebody with a 120 IQ and a 130 IQ, or the different between a 120 and a 125 IQ?

In many to most cases, practically nothing! Honestly.

Let’s look at the scores of some of our co and authors here:

  • Brian 135.
  • Petra (friend) ~130. But she has no interest in brainy stuff. She read my Turkic paper and she kept asking me, “Why would anyone even write a paper like that? What for? What’s the point?” But smart women are not into the airy world of abstract ideas.
  • My father 129. My father had some issues with highly abstract thinking. He just couldn’t seem to get his mind around certain things. I think I was explaining one of those weighed voting schemes to him and he never got it. Zen Buddhism made no sense to him. He kept pounding the table and asking, “What’s the point? What’s the point?” He was very stubborn-minded and closed-minded and rigid, and that can make you seem stupid about some things because you won’t open your mind enough to explore new subjects. Instead you reject them out of hand, say it makes no sense or you can’t understand it or whatever. But he read way faster than I do (he gobbled up a book a day), and although he did not display his ultra-intellect too often, when he did, he was extremely intelligent, especially in things like History and Political Science.
  • Shi 125.
  • Alan 123.
  • Wade 123.
  • Tulio 121.
  • My best female friend S. ~120. S. was not quite as intellectual as the rest, but she was also a heavy pot smoker and basically an alcoholic. One time I told her about some abstract concept I was thinking of (relating to the underlying mechanisms behind life on Earth or some insane crap) and said she probably wouldn’t understand it. She said, “Try me!” and I explained it to her, and she got it right away.
  • Phil 118.
  • Alpha ~115-121? She’s never told me and she probably won’t tell us, so this is strictly as WAG, and I could be way off, but in the conversations I’ve had with her on this, I am thinking it might be around this level. She was a graduate student in one of this country’s top universities. And whatever he # is, I assure you, Alpha is just as smart as I am.
  • Dota 117.
  • Matt 115. Very insecure about his score, but he’s as smart as I am.
  • Phil (friend) 115.
  • Betty (friend) 115. She originally got 107, but she retook the test and got 115 and recently took another one and got 140 on 1/2 of the test and a lower score on the other half. She always seemed to be just as smart as I am although she was much younger.
  • J.(ex-gf) 115. She was maybe not quite as intellectual as the others but she is a brilliant artist, actually a great artist. And I was definitely smarter than she was, but she was no dummy, and she was a very eager and attentive student to my professor role. I mean she deserves the term. She sells her stuff on the market for big money.
  • Forget his name former commenter 106. But he was just as smart as anyone listed above. I know, it’s crazy.

Most of those people above are about as smart as each other, and from what I can tell, they are just as smart as I am, and my score is 12-32 points higher than most of theirs. That’s 1-2 full standard deviations, and here on the ground, you can’t see much of anything at all.

For degrees, jobs, and prizes, you need these minimum IQ*’s, with averages in quotes:

BA  105 (average 115)
MA  108 (average 118)
PhD 115 (average 125)
MD  125 (average 130)
University professor 135 (average 145)
Congressman 135 (average 145)
Nobel Prize 150 (average 160)

*You can get those degrees, jobs and awards with lower IQ’s than the minimum, but it might require a lot of work. You’d have to work your rear end off, and you are going to struggle at least somewhat.

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17 thoughts on “What Are the Differences Between IQ’s of 120, 125, and 130”

  1. The way out of college degree madness is just to go into business for yourself. Once you’re famous from wise use of business capital – who care what degree you had, the IQ, and the grades?

    But – if I was successful I might want to go back and patch up some fuck-ups (maybe take/retake a college course or two) – just for credibility and honor.

    1. Once you’re famous from wise use of business capital – who care what degree you had, the IQ, and the grades?

      I think America has a slightly different culture which undervalues degrees, IQ, and grades. So many college dropouts go on to start their own big tech companies which could be only possible in USA.

      The European Union and Canada are quite unforgiving in this regard. You need a lot of formal degrees and valuable connections to get a decent white-collar job or a business loan. Otherwise you’ll be stuck as a restaurant waiter your whole life. If you’re an immigrant, it’s even worse for you. Many immigrants in Germany, Belgium, or Canada drive cabs despite double PhD’s and specialized MD degrees in their home countries.

      While Europe sucks for meritocrats, at least they have socialized healthcare so you don’t have to fear injury. The people also have right to free heated accommodation. In fact, they encourage you to sit on your ass and demand hand-outs. One thing I hate about Europeans is that they have no value or appreciation of those who work hard for a living. Just because they don’t have to.

      1. I have to add though that I’m a bit of a dropout myself. I don’t conform to a regular career and can be quite lazy. But that’s mostly a personal choice. However, I do appreciate hard work and wish godspeed to anyone wants to succeed through his own efforts. The Europeans have a very different condescending outlook towards those who work hard.

      2. Well, in the US – I’m opting for a personal loan – not a business one, so a grades/degree wouldn’t matter. Would it matter in the US for a business loan?

        Anyway, given my credit and work situation – I can only have one $5,000 one now (Well, I have it now.) – but I really need 30 of them, honestly. But a monster job – can be done – even with $5,000 as far as social media promotion, though not the ultimate goal by a long stretch.

      3. While Europe sucks for meritocrats, at least they have socialized healthcare so you don’t have to fear injury. The people also have right to free heated accommodation. In fact, they encourage you to sit on your ass and demand hand-outs. One thing I hate about Europeans is that they have no value or appreciation of those who work hard for a living. Just because they don’t have to.

        I wonder how they view the anti-snowflake culture in the US?

        1. In Poland, they think our SJW culture is completely out of control compared to what they have to deal with, which is rather less intense, if not socially conservative.

      4. Yeah, if you think about it, really its a discriminator as degrees and such require more than intellect.. in fact they require a touch of something that’s antithetical to innovation and that’s conformity. lol. Not to say every PhD has no mind of their own. perhaps its rigid discipline. When I was young the USA had gifted programs selected from those who score exceedingly high in their state assessments. An in those programs they teach the opposite of conformity. They teach you to never just agree with something that you don’t understand or you think is wrong.. to dig in till you know it is or not. An they also remove all curriculum.. they focus on abstract and critical thought which require the rules to be dissolved. It was there I saw the stark contrast of public education to that in the program. An noticed that conformity is the goal first and foremost. You are not allowed to question the teacher… If you use your own system to come up with a correct answer you penalized.. even tho.. not only does that show you understand something you have mastered it and improved.. doesn’t matter its wrong ha ha. Not to mention the bogus degrees and the ever increase faculty that serves us worse educations. I would never send my child thru public schools to have the them beat into obedience without question. An the USA has trending more and more that way. I believe I know why and when.. but Ill sound crazy to most people. Intellect is a insanely variable thing. IQ alone doesn’t encompass tho mine falls at the far end of superior intellect there are stark difference in even gifted program students ability to learn… and it seems to be bound in the psychological conditioning. The more.. ehhh.. anarchist doesn’t feel right.. the more that some want to fit in greatly effects the things they will even logically entertain.. I was taught to entertain even the most unlikely of scenarios. Not taught.. I learned it from a crazy childhood.. I learned very young right and wrong is hard to work out… a very abusive violent mother who had many severe brain injuries from viruses to car wrecks.. and remembering her before, a step dad who started abusing meth still remained the most composed and reasonable.. things didn’t add up to the reality I was taught. They didn’t incorporate the foundation moral compasses.. the things outside people control like IQ. It wasn’t until later in life when I began studying religion and psychology when it started to fall into place. One thing I learned at the start of school was most didn’t suspect or entertain the unexpected.. so by going out of the way I could easily play games with them.. for fun.. I didn’t take advantage of them which i could have. But I learned not all who were significantly more intelligent were the same.. then in scripture I discovered that the things we have metrics for are not all the components of being human.. that something intangible and indescribable was most important. It held the key to a better world or ruin.. and intellect alone didn’t guarantee in fact it far to often stood opposed to it. Its something close to total responsibility. Any advantage you have is not wholly yours.. and its reflected in many scripture and philosophical works.. though often misinterpreted likely with intent. The Chinese mandate of heaven is one.. that the right to rule is a gift from the divine. That it is not a right.. and your action alone dictate your worthiness. Or Hindu.. where the god of life is also the god of death.. and that a ruler puts himself last allows.. no matter the situation. The psychological view effects what can be entertained by the intellect.. and openness is necessary to entertain all possibilities.. no matter the statistical odds.. bc you are not the only one who calculates odds and adjusts. Without the capacity to give any theory or strategy a thorough review.. you diminish your ability to help everyone.

    2. The saying “those who can – do, and those who can’t – teach is very true in my opinion. Business owners are some of the smartest people you’ll ever meet. They have to be smart in so many areas, not just academically.

  2. I wonder how they view the anti-snowflake culture in the US?

    They pity anyone who doesn’t get to enjoy 35 hour work weeks, 8 weeks/yr paid vacation, 1 year maternity leave, no firing policy, and of course free healthcare. Quite an entitled bunch.

    EUfucks can afford to smoke two packets of cigarettes per day.The state will take care of them if they develop lung cancer. On the other hand, I have to quit this habit because no one’s going to take care of me.

    Politically, most EUs are of two persuasions. They’re either a Leftist Green or an Alt-right/white nationalist. Both suck equally. Neither side will compromise on free healthcare, 35-hour work weeks etc. At least two generations of Europe haven’t worked a day in their lives. Why do you think they’re delaying Brexit in the UK? They’re far too entitled to let go of their privileges.

    The real hard workers and businessmen in Europe are of Muslim origin. Immigrants from Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Bangladesh are the ones who generally run corner shops, late night eateries, Internet cafes. The Euro xenophobes can bitch all they want about the Muslim immigrants, but if they are all to leave tomorrow, the entire continent will come to a grinding halt.

    The Polish and the Romanians are the only Europeans who have a proper work ethic.

    The Spaniards, Italians and the Greeks are the laziest. The French not far behind. The Swiss are mostly bankers, chocolatiers and watchmakers, so they don’t have to work that hard. They have immigrants from Southeastern Europe to do all the dirty jobs. The Germans are hardworking and efficient, but there’s way too many lazy ones.

    Damn I would have loved to be a Eurofuck, they hit the jackpot of life.

    1. Well, a similar thing is in the US – though @Robert Lindsay would highly disagree.

      I mean, come on – it’s a fact farmers can’t get hard workers – so they bring in illegals – and, obviously, raising prices on tomatoes etc.. to accommodate American workers won’t fly with American consumers.

      But there is the myth of the American working man – and indeed many such men exist – but are they as tough as Central Americans? That’s up for debate. I mean, any dude can put on the “macho image” with a 4/4 or monster truck – and some auto mechanic or factory job – but it’s nothing compared slaving in a farm field.

      Well, maybe roofing would compare to picking beans – but I bet Latinos have taken that over also.

      1. The average American works way harder compared to your average Eurofuck. There’s the Christian work ethic. Sure being a slacker is trendy but only if you’re of a certain age and can generally take care of yourself. Most Americans don’t live with their parents even though it could save a lot of rent money. They value their space, independence and person and personal freedoms.

        That’s not the case with Eurofucks. At least 40% of Italian boys under the age of 35 live in their parents house. Most of them will never man up in their lives. At least 50% of Eurofucks never learned to drive a proper automobile and won’t apply for a full driving license. In most European countries, public transport is very efficient so there’s no need to. Of course it’s good for the environment but since the Euros have never been behind a wheel, you can’t expect them to man up in their whole lifetimes.

        Europeans are fucking a lot but they’re not producing enough babies. Abortion is free and plentily available also there’s no social stigma. Very few Euros are Christians in the true sense of the word. Their God is the State which takes care of their behinds from cradle to grave.

        I’m all for a welfare state and providing for the needy and economically marginalized. But, European countries just went for the overkill.

        1. This web developer I know seems to think he’s supposed to get social media traffic for nothing. Does it flow from that European entitlement mentality?

          Well, honestly, a lot of people like the disabled in America and especially the disabled in Europe get huge checks, so why bother going for the riches? However, they might want fame, but fame costs just like money.

          1. No disabled person in the US gets a huge check. The check is so small that you can’t even live off of it.

          2. No disabled person in the US gets a huge check. The check is so small that you can’t even live off of it.

            Yeah the disability check is horrible – but I think the UK’s is much higher.

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