Why are Autistics in the Alt-Right?

Autistics are picked on/rejected by snooty women who hypocritically place feminism over disabled rights. Also, probably autistics are a big target of minority bullies or often probably just ordinary blacks/Latinos who have no concept of PC, despite being objects of PC compassion.


Hi all.

A while ago, I went on 4chan’s /pol/ board because I wanted to reason with the Alt-Right on their own turf. I want to talk about my findings.

I went on there and made some very good anti-racist arguments that were grounded in science. I overestimated them. They accused me of being a Jew. I trolled them right back. They accused me of “being illogical” … even though “Though art a Jew.” is one of the least logical arguments imaginable.

Lesson Learned: If you use dumb anti-racist arguments, the Alt-Right will easily tear them apart. If you use intelligent anti-racist arguments that are grounded in science … prepare for the Jew jokes. Their racist arguments appear logical at first … but if you dig through the outer layer … then you will find an angry, irrational inner layer that hates being revealed.

After that miserable failure, I decided to talk to them about autism. I got many different responses. Some of them told me “everyone here is an autist”. One of them told me “autists need to be exterminated”. One guy who responded to me was openly a self-hating autistic.

What does this tell us about the Alt-Right? It tells us that many of the people in the Alt-Right might be autistic. I’m not trying to insult the autistic community. I don’t think that autistic people are sexist or racist by nature. I think that extremist organizations soak up social outcasts like a sponge. People who are hated by society often join extremist organizations just because they want a sense of belonging.

People say “Lots of autistics are racist because they don’t get out enough!” I disagree. Lots of people become racist because they are mad at the world, and they want to use minorities as chew toys. Not everyone can become anti-racist just by going outside. Some people will go outside, face discrimination, and then become angrier. This anger leads to more racism.

The Alt-Rightists are mad because their lives are crappy. Their lives are crappy because of anti-autistic hate.

I don’t want to see anyone in this thread say, “I’m autistic and my life is fine.” Not everyone on the spectrum is surrounded by supportive people. Some people on the spectrum have to work. Some of us were raised by abusive parents who refused to understand us. I think that autistic people are becoming politically radicalized in our age. This should worry us all.

There is only one solution to all of this: The political Left needs to take a strong stance in favor of autism rights. If women and minorities are protected classes, then we deserve all the same protections because we are a minority.

Furthermore, the people who are fighting for universal health care need to focus on psychotherapy. Psychotherapy can be expensive … and this is very bad because some people desperately need it. In some countries, (such as Canada) psychotherapy is not covered under the universal health care system.

Lots of autistics have joined the Far Right because the Far Right gives them love and friendship. If we want to end this fiasco, we need to outdo them.

There are some good people on the Left who acknowledge that anti-autistic hate is a massive social problem that deserves immediate attention. Unfortunately, some people on the Left are like this: “Anti-autistic hate? Whatever. That’s just a distraction from misogyny … which is the only issue I care about.”

Well … now the Alt-Right is devouring people who should be autism rights activists. Why do they joke about the “upcoming Beta Male Uprising”? Why do they use “The Feels Man” as an unofficial mascot?

This is what happens when the needs of Aspies are swept under the rug. This is what happens when our struggles are ignored by people who consider themselves “tolerant progressives”. These men feel abandoned by society … because they have been abandoned.

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4 thoughts on “Why are Autistics in the Alt-Right?”

  1. I support the ideas of this well-written piece.

    People with Aspie and autism issues are unnecessarily discriminated against in their daily lives. There’s no girl that’s ever kissed them, they don’t get invited to any parties, and they are bullied constantly through their educational phase.

    Basically, human beings are cruel creatures. As Robert mentioned in an earlier post, many men have abused insects, fish, birds, and rodents as boys.

    Girls on the other hand learn to act like mean bitches by the time they’re 11 or 12.

    We take natural delight in tormenting others. Empathy isn’t something that comes naturally to us.

    Seung-Hui Cho was diagnosed with selective mutism. It’s a terrible disorder, I can’t even imagine what it must be like for adolescent boys and young men who suffer from that condition. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to talk to women so freely had I been diagnosed with a related problem. Thank heavens.

    Cho did go postal eventually and shot dead 32 people at Virginia Tech. His parents sent him to church to reform his mind. But it proved counter-productive as he claimed to behave like Jesus before crucifixion when one of his school shooting video tapes emerged.

    Cho didn’t need Jesus that much. He needed pussy. But being the Asian dork that he was, it was definitely a logistical nightmare. If I were his classmate, I’d have most probably joined the circus of bullies tormenting him because in my college, I often enjoyed picking on nerds like Cho, although I was myself bullied during high school.

    Not all “Aspies” and “autistic” types are genuine cases. Bill Gates claims to have been an autistic child, which is blatantly false. He was just an evil nerd. By the time he founded Microsoft, he became a complete psychopath. In the tech industry, being a psychopath is actually a good sign. No one wants to mess with you because you’re ruthless.

    Gates is a eugenicist who supports sterilization of the poor in India – that’s what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is advocating in the garb of a polio vaccine. Strangely, I support Gates in this mission, as I think India is an overpopulated hellhole, and fewer Indians should be breeding.

    Does that make me a psychopathic eugenicist? Not really, I’m a humanitarian concerned about the goodness of the human condition. I don’t like to see people living in extreme poverty.

  2. Bullies exist to the extent they do – cause people are too chicken to bring in law enforcement or teachers. Well, that makes you a nark (or cunt or cocksucker) – but so what? But anyhow, often teachers won’t punish bullies to the extent they deserve it, not sure about law enforcement.

    People called cunts, cocksuckers are just people fighting back against bullies. I mean, look all the heat I got for simply “talking back” to big-mouth wise-asses on Facebook.

    Oh, yes, do-gooders are incredibly dangerous – even when not famous!

  3. Hi all.
    You remember that time I “made some very good anti-racist arguments that were grounded in science.”
    That was awesome.

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