8 thoughts on “The Fantasy World Misogynists/Racists Want”

    1. What about Black-sploitation films? And also I’ve seen videos with racial slurs directed at blacks and white racists (wearing Dixie hats) doing black chicks

      1. Porn leans anti-White, though most the women are White. We all know why for big (((porn companies))). Yet random porn captions from amatuers follow suit. Do more White cucks and dirty Uncle Toms make porn captions? Have any links to those Jason?

        1. People like to be shocked in porn – because the more you get into it – for most – the more degenerate it is. It’s like drug addict wanting larger doses of heroin.

          As for the link I gave in the OP – the women are white – because most of the readers are probably white – so they get off most on enslaving white women. Now the author could be some Jewish person – or so-called cuck with an anti-white fixation – but it’s beside the point. The audience is more than likely “run of the mill” white pervs.

          Do more White cucks and dirty Uncle Toms make porn captions? Have any links to those Jason?

          There’s certainly no political agenda with the audience – it’s just a bunch of degenerate porn addiction.

          1. Most porn has no agenda but when it has an agenda it tends to be anti-White. The producer is influencing everyone watching porn, the audience just jerks off. I jerked off to Redbook when I was a kid, horny young males will jerk to almost anything.

          2. The whole agenda of porn is pretty much anti-human – no matter the race. In fact, it’s just a buffet of feeding fetishes – which by the standards of racists – coming from any race – is highly offensive.

          3. Watch some old Swedish porn. The degeneracy is modern and Jewish. People who want to see White women tortured or have their lives blacked are twisted. Heterosexual sex itself is pure and wholesome.

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