Sekou Sundiata, “Shout Out”

I normally don’t like this type of Black rap poetry, but this poem is just out of this world. It’s by a Black activist, poet, musician, and playwright named Sekou Sundiata (an adopted African name). This is from an album called The Blue Oneness of Dreams from 1997. This album won a Grammy award that year.

This is some incredible stuff. Some Blacks can write superb poetry, some of the finest poetry of all.

I get hammered when I say this, but this is an example of what I call “the Black genius.” Now that’s not to say that there are Blacks geniuses who can partake of the other genius styles, but I don’t think they’re as common as this type. It is in this style of genius that the Black man and the Black brain for that matter, truly shines bright as day. I suppose other races can display this genius style, but you sure don’t see it very often.

I can’t help thinking that Black minds or Black brains are different or at least tend to be different on average, and pure Black geniuses often look different from pure White geniuses, who tend more towards the airy philosophical world of ideas. This rapid-fire rapping type poetry, commentary, or even rap music can be found as a conversational style by Cornel West, Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Micheal Eric Dyson.

Listen to these Black geniuses (West is the best, but Dyson is also very good, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Hutchinson) and you will see that they all talk something like the Sundiata is in this video. It’s a very fast verbal brain at work, almost spewing out words so fast you can barely keep track of them.

Blacks do score higher than any other race in verbal memory and Africa never had writing. All they had was this oral tradition. Who knows, maybe they even selected for it? Is it beyond the realm of possibility. I really love this Black genius type with the rapid fire super-genius brain rattling off the perfect words in the perfect rhythm often with the perfect musical pitch to the spoken word.

Some White men can do this too, especially comedians. I am thinking in particular of Lenny Bruce, a Jewish comedian with an almost “Black” stage style and even Andy Kaufman at his best.

I keep hearing this poem on my radio station and I keep wondering who this is. Tonight I memorized a few lines and put them in Google and wa-la! Ladies and gentlemen, we have an answer!

I’m thinking right now that if there’s a heaven, there’s musical poems like this being played up there.

This poem is just too perfect!

Here’s to the best words
In the right place
At the perfect time to the human mind
Blown-up and refined.
To long conversations and the
Philosophical ramifications of a beautiful day.
To the twelve-steppers
At the thirteenth step
May they never forget
The first step.
To the increase, to the decrease
To the do to the do
To the did to the did
To the do to the did
To the done done
To the lonely.
To the brokenhearted.
To the new, blue haiku.
Here’s to all or nothing at all.
Here’s to the sick, and the shut-in.
Here’s to the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

To the crazy
The lazy
The bored
The ignored
The beginners
The sinners
The losers
The winners.
To the smooth
And the cool
And even to the fools.
Here’s to your ex-best-friend.
To the rule-benders and the repeat offenders.
To the lovers and the troublers
The engaging
The enraging
To the healers and the feelers
And the fixers and the tricksters
To a star falling from a dream.
To a dream, when you know what it means.
To the bottom
To the root
To the base, uh, boom!
To the drum
To the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

Here’s to somebody within the sound of your voice this morning.
Here’s to somebody who can’t be within the sound of your voice tonight.
To a low-cholesterol pig sandwich smothered in swine without the pork.
To a light buzz in your head
And a soundtrack in your mind
Going on and on and on and on and on like a good time.
Here’s to promises that break by themselves
Here’s to the breaks with great promise.
To people who don’t wait in the car when you tell them to wait in the car.
Here’s to what you forgot and who you forgot.
Here’s to the unforgettable.
To the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

Here’s to the hip-hoppers
The don’t stoppers
Heads nodding in the digital glow
Of their beloved studios.
To the incredible indelible impressions made by the gaze as you gaze in the faces of strangers.
To yourself you ask: Could this be God? Straight up!
Or is it a mask?
Here’s to the tribe of the hyper-cyber
Trippin’ at the virtual-most outpost at the edge on the tip
Believin’ that what they hear is the mothership
Drawing near.
To the was you been to the is you in
To what’s deep and deep to what’s down and down
To the lost, and the blind, and the almost found.

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10 thoughts on “Sekou Sundiata, “Shout Out””

  1. Never heard anyone play a meaner guitar than Jimi Hendrix. There’s no trumpeter like Louis Armstrong. Chuck Berry, rock on man. Can’t even compare someone like Billie Holiday…pure genius. Whitney Houston, wow. Even Stevie Wonder is such an inspiration.

    So much for the arguments on Stormfront, Brietbart and other sites that Blacks are up to no good.

    1. Sure, Hendrix was in another world. Stevie Wonder is actually very good. He’s not on the radio much though. Too bad. Blacks have long been known to be excellent musicians. I don’t think there is a race on Earth that is better at popular music than the Blacks. Of course people have known this about them forever. Even the Ancient Egyptians said that Blacks were excellent musicians.

  2. We should have some posts about fine alcohol, what do you say?

    Examples – “What beer are you drinking right now?”
    “What is your favorite cocktail?”
    “What is the manliest drink?”

      1. Here are my answers

        “What beer are you drinking right now?”
        Cobra beer. Have you heard of it before?

        “What is your favorite cocktail?”
        Slippery nipple. What else could it be for a perv like me!!
        😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄

        “What is the manliest drink?”
        I’ll go with Rob Roy. The alcohol combination of scotch and vermouth is enough to make me puke afterward. I almost never order this because I’m just never up to it. If I really want to get drunk, I go for a Long Island Ice Tea but it’s not manly enough.

        Anyone else wanna give this quiz a try? Jason?

        1. I am drinking a Sol beer as I am writing this LOL. I drink Mexican beers because I am living in a place full of Mexicans.

          I don’t drink cocktails at all anymore. I mix my own drinks. Lately I drink Tequila. This may sound lame but I mix it with Selzer Water and some sort of fruit juice. It is actually completely acceptable to mix Tequila with fruit juice.

          Manliest drink? Not sure. Maybe Tequila shots. That’s pretty hardcore.

          1. Did you ever live for a significant time (could be anything from a few months to 1-2 years) in one of those trendy neighborhoods of the LA San Fernando Valley which we all only get to see on television?

            I am talking about places like Reseda, Encino Hills, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks, Thousand Oaks etc. Only the rich suburbs – maybe add Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara.

            What are the people like in those paces? Are they flaky and superficial, or are there any unique gems among them? How did you score with the wealthy chicks in those parts? How did you deal with their egos and attitudes?

            What makes that part of America so different that every Hollywood and mainstream television show is based in that geography? Are there like a lot of supermodel types working as cashiers and waitresses?

            I saw that in Prague and Munich a lot of 9 and even 9.5 girls were working as supermarket cashiers and sales assistants. I mean they were so hot they’d be hired by any model agency or porn company. But they were satisfied working for low pay and weren’t very ambitious. Yeah, they had tons of attitude to go with those pretty looks.

    1. Manliest drink — after extensive personal research into the subtle side effects of different hard liquors, I came up with rum and ouzo over ice (working name ‘snake’ because it sneaks up on you.)

      When the bartender shakes his head and goes “brrrr!” , you know you got something.

      1. Manliest drink-semen. No personal research but it’s the essence of man. Most Womanly drink-pussy juice.

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