Some Thoughts on Mammys (The Antebellum South)

There’s been talk of that recently on this blog – but let’s look at things more realistically. Well, anyway, I can use a modern analogy of what that world’s like. Well, I was in the Philippines a good deal of time – and indeed the whole “antebellum scene” is going on – as in everyone is kissing your white ass, you can get any girl you want – assuming it’s legal, generally everything is a paradise – for the white guy.

But what is the dark side? Well, if you get out of the range of the “nice ones” – surely people would rob you and kill you – so if you go there, be armed, if you plan to go out on your own. O.K., another bad side is all the nice attitude can get old and seem fake (maybe a lot of it is). In fact, you might long to be with people from your own culture – especially if you have no internet connection. You might even long to at least talk to a Korean or Japanese – cause at least they’re not kissing your rear.

But was this really the scene in the antebellum south? Well, sort of I guess. But remember, just like poverty is beating everyone in the third world, the slaves were under threat of torture and bullwhips. Now they were fully aware of this – even if they had a very low IQ. Well, I figure the IQ of the slaves was 60 to 70 (much of the third world now is in the upper 80s range).

So who else has thoughts on this paradise where the visitor is king (modern third world, antebellum south etc..)? Well, in a sense it was awesome for me – cause despite my shy personality and geeky looks – I don’t have to overcome anything and the women are hot. But then again, one time I went there I was built up like a bodybuilder anyway (lots of work while teaching ESL in Korea).

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One thought on “Some Thoughts on Mammys (The Antebellum South)”

  1. Philippines. Very poor country – people are lucky to make $100 per month. Nobody likes them anywhere else in Asia. Of course, their girls are gonna suck up to a rich American tourist or even a broke American tourist. You’re the ticket out of their misery. So don’t flatter yourself, White man.

    Vietnam Not a poor country anymore although there are many low income peasants. Still, everyone in the cities is making at least $300-400 per month. That’s six times more than what their parents or grandparents did. Vietnam is a good example of an economic miracle. Their annual exports are around $250 billion, just slightly less than India’s $300 billion. And, India has 12 times more people.

    Although the Vietnamese girls are crazy about foreigners, it’s not in an ass-kissing way. If you piss them off, they’ll drop you like a hot potato.

    The problem with many foreigners is they only meet the Vietnamese hookers in Saigon. Not the regular ones who’re less keen about exotic White man. And White men (or women) are no longer exotic in Vietnam; you’ll find them all over the country, even in the forsaken paddy fields.

    Thailand Thais are a rich nation now that exports nearly as much as India does. The population is at least 15 times less. Forget about the exotic image. Sure, there are hundreds of thousands of beautiful hookers selling a dream, and even older White men with flabby beer bellies and unshaven armpits can score them. That’s what brings all the tourist dollars making Thailand exotically wealthier.

    Mark my words, in another 10 years time, Thailand will be as wealthy as say Japan or South Korea. Thai hookers will continue to scam foreign men.

    That being said, 10-20% of Thai women really want to marry foreigners (not the remaining 80%). BUT IT’S ON THEIR TERMS. You piss them off and they kick you in the nuts, as one of the American tourists I knew found out in a hard way. Dude was missing his wallet, US passport, phone, camera. The Thai girlfriend who ditched him was his partner for at least NINE-TEN MONTHS.

    By that time, I guess you really start trusting people, especially intimate partners. I think it had everything to do with the fact that this American was not respectful of Thai culture. I mean he had been living in Thailand for such a long time but still made fun of their language and customs.

    I bought this American guy a hot breakfast and a bandage (he was using toilet paper to cover those wounds). I also offered to take him to the US embassy in Bangkok but he declined. For some reason, he was scared of going back to the US.

    Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia Wealthy countries. In these countries, the average person makes as much as a Canadian or American. Accordingly, they have far higher standards and better taste in men. Most date and marry their own kind. The few who do marry Westerners speak very good English, but they’ll only go for a White man that respects their culture.

    Indonesia Almost forgot. Lots of pretty girls in this country. They’re docile, charming, and submissive. I think it has something to do with Islam which beckons women act with humility towards men.

    A lot of White men date and sometimes marry Indonesian girls, especially in Bali and Lombok. Indonesia, despite being a Muslim country, is a chill place except for Aceh province which has Shariah Law. You can easily buy any alcoholic beverages, eat pork anywhere, and fuck their women till you get sick of it.

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