Music Elitism

Well, this would be about elitism in general – but music as an example. Well, the thing is – even if someone produced something as good as Eric Clapton or Neil Peart – there would be hecklers saying, “Who is this guy?”, “What is this shit?”. In other words, in order to gain respect – you’d have to be in the club. But, isn’t it so tiring to all always see music elitists always on music mag covers! Where are the fresh faces?

But, anyhow, it is possible for crap to get promoted as something good – and some have criticized the net for lowering standards. However, I’ve really never heard this junk some jokers are talking about. Well, music is subjective anyway.

As a final thought, someone producing stuff people like – must be doing something right – so it would be a good idea for him/her to ignore the haters and keep pushing on. I mean, all the famous people were once nobodys – but it didn’t stop them!

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