Are Pseudo-pedophiles Attracted to Third World Retirement?

I suspect they are, and I say “pseudo” cause they don’t go after kids, but they enjoy being the “adult” around lower IQ people. But that’s not my scene for sure, and being around people whom I cannot have a deep conversation for long stretches of time would be a huge repellent to me living there, even if the payoff is all the sex I want, despite my geekiness.

Anyway, they say Thailand’s IQ is actually high. But it still comes across to me as a place where you’re constantly being served, and your not as “buddy-buddy” with the locals as you might be with your brothers, sisters, and school-mates.

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6 thoughts on “Are Pseudo-pedophiles Attracted to Third World Retirement?”

  1. Being a pedo in Thailand is harder than earlier. It’s not the ’80s anymore. The Thai authorities are very vigilant about older farang men walking hand-in-hand with children. It’s around 10 years in a rat-infested Thai prison because it’s a non-bailable offense.

    Technically, you can get away with a simple bribe and an apology if it’s a corrupt cop. But nowadays, a lot of Thai social workers are on the prowl for lechers from other countries. You get tons of publicity in your home country thanks to social media. That being said, Thailand continues to attract the worst scum among White people.

    However, it should not be considered a Third-World country anymore. Thai baht is the strongest currency in South-East Asia (US $1 = 30 Thai baht), and the hookers have gotten way more expensive. Thailand is now a middle-income country at par with Czech Republic, Poland etc.

      1. The farangs are way too addicted to leave. While Vietnam, Laos, or Indonesia, have their own charms, Thailand is special in a million ways. For one, the people are always warm and cuddly even when they’re going to steal from you. It’s called the land of smiles for a reason. It takes a lot to piss off a Thai person; they have the patience of the Buddha himself. I think their country ranks among the highest in Gross National Happiness (GNH).

        There are tens of thousands of illegal Westerners living in Thailand. Many are even homeless and sleep rough on park benches and in Buddhist pagodas. Some survive off begging. Imagine traveling all the way from UK or Germany to live off charitable donations from Thai people.

        Lots of Russian and Ukrainian whores in Thailand. The Thai whores hate their presence because they’ve become a serious competition. Incidentally, most clients of these Russian whores are not Thai because Thai men consider White people somewhat “unclean”. Guess then who’s their regular clients?

        Yes, it’s Indians and some Arabs. There’s been a rapid increase in the number of flights between Indian cities and Bangkok/Phuket. Unfortunately for Thailand, RAPELAND INDIA is right across the street in the same neighborhood.

        A lot of Bob and Vagene types travel in groups from Indian shithole towns to have sex with White Russian hookers in Bangkok. Currently there’s like a million male tourists from India traveling every year to Thailand, of which nearly 80% are sex tourists. These are mind-boggling but true statistics.

        Thai authorities are no longer impressed, and they’ve started arresting the pedos and deporting the illegals, whoremongers, and other riff-raff.

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