PUA/Game: Women Are a Wild Ride

Rep: Nowadays I love doing the psychologist. I have a lot of knowledge about this. When I do, inevitably some subconscious stuff in the  women’s psyche projects onto me, so it’s a dangerous and wild fluctuating game for sure. But it can give you crazy sex at the peaks.

If the male mind is Logos, then the female mind is something like Magic or Aleister Crowley’s Chaos Magic. Order and logic and forward progress may be the rule of logic-minded Logos, but the world of the female mind is ruled by entropy, which after all is one the principles of the universe, and one that has a lot more scientific basis than Logos, which is still quite theoretical despite being created by Hegel and affirmed by Marx, two great minds.

“Woman” is a wild ride. Always has been, always will be. Ever been on a rollercoaster? Get a rush? Then maybe you can handle women without getting  broken for good.

Yes, the female psyche is a dark and dangerous place, wild like the wilderness or jungle and brutal and glorious like both, like a wild thunderstorm with lightning and thunder, a jungle cruise, a mountain climbing expedition, a jungle trek, a rollercoaster ride, a deep-sea fishing trip.

She will fling you to the highest of peaks where your mind swims with the stars and then hurl you down to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, where she will crush you like a bug when you are down there, turning her heels contemptuously and stomping away. You lie there at the bottom of the fucking ocean, literally lower than whale shit, wondering if it was all worth it.

The world of women is a wild emotional ride of what I call “emotional peak experiences.”  If women live for anything at all, it is this. They even crave the lows if they are wild and crazy lows. With women, everything is straight from the gut, every time. I am woman, hear me roar! Woman, intensity is thy middle name.

Men, do you like to live dangerously? If you do, you may have fun with that wild ride called the human female. For the more sedate and sensitive types though, her wild energy straight from the bowels of Earth and the tangles and tussles of Nature may prove to be simply too much.

There are an awful lot of broken men out there. And the culprit was womanhood.*

+And to be fair to women, vice versa too.

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6 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Women Are a Wild Ride”

  1. Very poetic and true. Bravo !

    Guys, note what he said: Once they take you at the bottom, you’ll never meet a more cruel and cold creature on earth. Never lose your dignity in such moments.

  2. Men, do you like to live dangerously? If you do, you may have fun with that wild ride called the human female.

    I do take a lot or risks. Living beyond my means is one example. I’ve traveled to unknown places. I have that need for a wild ride. Will do anything for fun and a cheap thrill. I mostly live for the present and have nothing saved up for tomorrow.

    I think I have tons of what you might call “Dutch courage”. I have to be under influence to attract the right women. I have a vile smoking habit which I can’t quit. But I just can’t imagine living the way I love without cigarettes. Cigarettes have brought me tons of good luck and beautiful women in my life. It’s a damn necessary evil.

  3. This is why many women become Wiccans. They’re not interested in honor and order like a Christian Crusader or Heathen Viking. They’d rather be apolitical, with no rules, running wild in the forest (though many can’t handle camping): Amazonians who only need men for sex.

    The Jewsmedia agenda is to cuck White men even if the dick isn’t Jewish. They have this relentless mindset and are willing to do anything to win. Jewish spirituality is more akin to Satanism, as both good and evil tactics are employed. As above, so below. Jewish women aren’t the prize and are left in the dark about the real struggle. The Jew wants to rule as a slave owner that abuses his power.

    The White agenda is seen by looking at Mayberry, not everyone was perfect and no shortage of fools, but there was a general goodness: the typical White American family with a white picket fence. Assimilated non-Whites are like Lassie running to this family; unassimilated non-Whites are like a rabid pack of wolves. The White family greets both with open arms and puppy snuggles.

    1. Women are between White male-dominated Heaven and Jewish male-dominated Hell. They are Earthy neutrals weaker than both. They want freedom but don’t know what to do with it. The only thing they can think of is to maybe cut their hair short and wear green. Like pixies in the woods of Neverland, they are both emotional and irrational. Creatures of Chaos.

      1. Great comment there, PB.

        Did you used to read this site back before I got thrown off WP? I don’t remember you commenting back then.

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