Take Advice from Anyone, Even Bad or Crazy People

Condemn the messenger, not the message. And lousy or even awful people often have a ton of great advice. Then doesn’t mean they aren’t still lousy, but maybe you ought to listen to them.  Listen to advice from everyone – good people, bad people, sane people, and even crazy people as long as they are not too crazy.

Almost everyone over a certain age has accumulated some wisdom along the way, even complete fools, and most people have some advice or a philosophy of life to impart to you. Listen to the advice or life philosophy and decide if you think it is good advice or a good philosophy. Decide first if it makes sense, is logical, true, and commonsensical, and second if it is moral or not, i.e. fits your moral values.

People who don’t have much good advice to give include:

  • Very stupid people, often low IQ’s in the 70’s or below (although one woman I dated in high school and my first year of college, the first woman I ever had PIV sex with, taught me more about women than most women I have known – her IQ was in the 70’s – she was a classic dumb blond).
  • Very young people – who are usually more receivers of wisdom than deliverers of it.
  • People who are seriously crazy with schizophrenia, acute mania or manic psychosis.
  • Most depressives.
  • People who are seriously drugged out or having a drug psychosis, etc. (although I knew a long-term speed freak who had some great advice to impart somehow, especially about car engines).

Homeless drug addicts and others who have obviously made poor life choices have a life philosophy, but it is often a poor one as is evident by their circumstances. Any ideas about how to live life from these people are likely to be bad advice because they don’t live sensibly.

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