Game/PUA: Get Two Women at Once! Part 2

Anyway, after the 45 Grave show  in  downtown LA in 1983, we were all walking to this hip cafe in Little Tokyo where all the punks, musicians and other maniacs hung out. It was very late at night. I look on either side of me, and there’s a young woman. For some reason I think it’s ok and I put my arms around both of them at once. On cue, they both smile and giggle, accept the embraces and move closer to me. Not a word was said. None needed to be said.

Cool! Now I have two women at once! Yeah! We go to this cafe and start ordering food. It’s me and two young women. One is 18 and not attractive, the other, not sure, a few years older and she looks damn good. They live in East LA. Young woman is White, the other assimilated Hispanic.

We are sitting there eating this Oriental food and the cute one starts making all these weird comments,

“What do you like to eat?…Flesh?…People?…”

I would respond and she would get mad and basically call me a pervert. Women do this constantly. They make blatant passes at you and when you respond, they call you a pervert. Ignore it. It’s just a woman being crazy as usual. Female sexuality is all tied up in love and hate. That is, they often hate the men they love.

If you are seducing her, that makes her angry because you broke down her defenses and convinced her to have sex with you like a slut when she wanted to be a good girl. Anyway pay no attention to women when they do this crap. Most do it and it’s just nonsense. Don’t let it hurt your feelings and make you feel guilty.

She’s mad.


“Damn right I am baby..”

She goes on…

“So…wanna have a threeway? Wanna fuck both of us…”

“Hell yeah!”

This guy at the next booth leans over and looks at me like, “I can’t believe these women are asking this guy to do a threeway with him!”

She backtracks on it later on. Women do this all the time. They say they want sex and then they backtrack on it. What do you think #metoo crap is all about. Men get frustrated with this bullshit and just attack them.

I keep pressing her for the threeway.

Her eyes get this wild wide eyed look with huge, crazy looking, insane person eyes. Guys! When women get like this, it means you are making them horny as Hell, like horny beyond all control. She’s losing control of herself. And yeah when women get horny, they often act like they are going insane, exactly.

“Get me some drugs and I’ll do it!…Get me some coke…or some speed.”

She’s on the phone to a dealer at 1 AM. No one home. I’m giving them both a ride home. I have no idea how they got here.

The ride home gets really weird. The unattractive one starts bailing out of the plan, screaming:

“I’m a lesbian! I’m a lesbian!”

Her friend keeps saying,

“No you’re not. Don’t say that shit. Shut up. You just need a kind, gentle man to break you in so you lose your virginity.”

The other one keeps screaming,

“I’m a lesbian! I’m a lesbian!”

at the top of her lungs. The other one keeps screaming,

“No you’re not! Shut up!”

at the top of her lungs.

I’m trying not to lose control over the wheel and I’m thinking,

“Jesus Christ my life is insane!”

We get to their house and the exit is crazy and wild. Somehow I get into the house even though they half act like they don’t want me in. I just laugh and barge in anyway and turn around with this million dollar smile that says,

“What you gonna do about it, ladies?”

You have to do arrogant, aggressive, assholey stuff like this with women. Not so much assholey as funny assholey. I’m not sure if women love assholes, but a lot of them definitely like funny assholes. A lot of men like them too for some reason.

Somehow later on that night I end up having sex with both of them, more or less, at once and separately, all mixed in and mixed up. Even the “lesbian.” Turned out she liked it a lot more than she thought.

At 3 AM I am driving home and laughing.

“Jesus Christ my life is insane!”

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3 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Get Two Women at Once! Part 2”

  1. I used to be a player in my 20s and was very successful, especially online. 100+ easily. I made them laugh, was confident, became their psychologist, etc. But then I had a relationship at age 29-32. It destroyed me on an emotional level, and she left me. Now I’m 33, it’s been like a year and a half that she left.

    And it appears I have like a bad spell on me. Even my photos online don’t seem to work. The different is HUGE. I even tried using my old photos, which worked back then, and same result. It’s as if I have an aura that they don’t want, and it even telepathically gets to them or something behind their mobile screen!

    Has this ever happened to you? Any tips to flush that bad spell away? It makes me crazy, like I feel like telling them: “No! No! This is mistaken identity! In actuality, I *am* a stud!”. And I was. I didn’t gain weight or anything.

    1. The 30s can be a horrible phase for some bachelors in terms of what might appear as some kind of mid-life crisis. I’m 37 now and sometimes there are days and even weeks that I haven’t spoken to any women. A lot of this has to do with my personal choices and a reclusive lifestyle due to some tragic events in recent years.

      I deleted my social media accounts and am also having some financial problems of late. I enjoy traveling and have been to more than 30 countries so far. But I also have some pent-up unresolved anger issues. This has made me slightly bitter and angry at the world. In short, I’m in a pure mid-life crisis stage. But I know for sure I won’t stay this way forever, and things will change eventually.

      In my 20s, I always used to feel INVINCIBLE around women. It was nearly effortless hooking up with whoever I wanted. I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as a stud, as I’m 5’9″ and not very ripped or anything. I do have what many women call “a baby face,” so I’m definitely not ugly. I still use my 5 or 10 year old pics on dating sites, and I get much better response.

      The thing is, of late I have acquired a more jagged appearance, which is good in its own way. Sometimes I don’t shave for weeks, I’m always drunk, and I can be slovenly. Women consider me more mature and manly, unlike when I was in my 20s.

      I looked like a schoolboy until I was 27 or 28. But there used to be an upside to that. I didn’t have to make so much effort or any effort at all to talk to women.

      Now in my mid-30s, I have to actually make EFFORT to be successful. That is the change I noticed. Also my libido isn’t what it used to be in the 20s. I get exhausted quickly during sex, but maybe there’s an underlying medical condition.

      I always hated working out in the gym, but I did play active sports in my 20s such as tennis. I enjoy swimming. It never stopped me from pipping the beefcakes to score with any women I wanted. I have had sex with hundreds of women and don’t remember an exact number anymore.

      I still think I can get all the women I want if I straighten up my life. But maybe it’s too late. The ’20s libido isn’t coming back. Not everything is bleak, though at my age, I feel that I can easily isolate the slut types from normal beautiful and kind-hearted girls, which is what I want now.

      At the moment, I’m mostly doing hookers when I have the money, but I do have my sights on some good women as well.

      But yes, the mid-life crisis sucks. When you’re in your 30s, you feel as if the world isn’t fair anymore. You’re not old enough to be seen as super-mature, but you can’t get along with the 20s kids anymore either. There’s an entire generation gap to deal with.

      I think you’re when in your 40s and 50s, you have fewer regrets. The 30s are gonna suck for some men, mainly if they aren’t settled in their lives. Nothing that hookers and alcohol can’t fix.

  2. Sorry for the horrible spelling in the previous message. Just wondering because I struggle to find women now, which never happened to me.

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