PUA/Game: Casting Spells on Women

Rep: But then I had a relationship at age 29-32. It destroyed me on an emotional level, and she left me. Now I’m 33. It’s been a year and a half since she left.

And it appears I have like a bad spell on me. Even my photos online don’t seem to work. The different is HUGE. I even tried using my old photos which worked back then and got the same result. It’s as if I have an aura that they don’t want, and it even telepathically gets to them or something behind their mobile screen!

Has this ever happened to you? Any tips to flush that bad spell away? It makes me crazy, like I feel like telling them: “No! No! This is mistaken identity! In actuality, I *am* a stud!” And I was. I didn’t gain weight or anything.

Sometimes I feel like I have that bad spell on me too, and they can read some sort of bad vibes even through the damned cellphone without ever seeing me or hearing my voice one time. I don’t know what to do about it, honestly.

On the other side of the wall, I’ve also been able to actually cast love spells on them somehow. No idea how I do it, but over and over again, women say it seems like a cast a spell on them.

What are you, a warlock?…What have you done to me?…I feel like I am under your spell.

They often say that they are horny all the time, from morning until night, and that they want to masturbate all the time. And they often say they have never felt this way before.

I laughed at one, an 18 year old girl. She was getting frustrated: “Take it off. Take off the spell.” She told me she was horny and wet from the time she got up in the morning til the time she went to bed at night, and she had never felt that way before.

I laughed and told her that that’s how it’s supposed to work. Then I laughed again and refused to take the spell off. She pouted. I laughed at her again, this time right in her face. She looked at me like she was going to slap me, but then her expression changed. It was as if she was thinking, “This guy’s so arrogant I want to slap his face. But then I think again, and I realize, ‘But I like that.'”

I haven’t the faintest idea if I am really casting spells on them. I do it in my mind like a magician. I concentrate all my mental energy into an intense spell, which feels like a pure wave of silver-bright energy. I have no idea if it is real or not.

For all I know this may be working off of  some known psychological mechanism. Or maybe magic itself works off of some psychological mechanism, known or unknown.

After all, the universe is ruled by the laws of physics. Everything that happens in the world, even magic, spells, ghosts, poltergeists, levitation, any of that stuff, whether it’s true or happens or not, I will tell you one thing for sure, if there is anything to any of those insane  “pseudoscience” phenomena, I assure you that they are working via the known laws of physics.

The universe operates on a couple of basic principles:

  • Inside the laws of physics, every actually existing thing in the universe.
  • Outside the laws of physics, nothing at all, anywhere, at any time, ever.
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4 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Casting Spells on Women”

  1. Thanks for the quick response. An enjoyable read as always (used to read you, but thought you were long gone when they bombed your blog).

    I like to read your Game posts because they sound like me from the future. When I read Game stuff from other blogs or forums, something always feels off about those guys.

    Like I know I had a lot of success, but what they say makes me cringe sometimes, like: “No way would this ever work!” But maybe different strategies work for men who have different appearances. I’m more of your type, some weird mix of funny/bad boy/nerdy while being good-looking too!

    I have so many stories too. Since I’m 33, I started going online to date at age 14, even before dating websites! I had sex with a girl before I even kissed one! I met her on a chat room. I was 14 and she was too! That was around 2000 or so.

    Since then I’ve been eternally on dating sites and more recently apps until that horrible relationship. She was too great for me. The impenetrable nucleus of my mysterious psyche got weaker and surprise! Surprise! As soon as she got access she tried to destroy it and partially succeeded. I am getting better.

    Nowadays I love doing the psychologist. I have a lot of knowledge about this. When I do, inevitably some subconscious stuff in their psyche projects on me so it’s a dangerous and wild fluctuating game for sure. But it can give you crazy sex at the peaks.

    I read somewhere you apologized to women a lot. Same thing here! I’ve always been a mix of very nice to asshole, often simultaneously. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” Then I throw some well-thought out sentimental conversation. Then I’m an asshole again later, and it gets them horny !

    Anyway, good continuation. I’m pretty broke but I might contribute a little bit to the site soon.

    1. Thanks. Sounds like you’ve done great in life already! You could almost die tomorrow with a smile on your face.

      I agree with you. I hate most PUA blogs. They’re such assholes! Most of them seem to have too much Dark Triad – narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellian – stuff going on. I also really dislike all the strutting around and bragging. There are all these guys in the comments on the site who are like, “Yeah I fucked five women this week.” I hate to say it but it makes me feel small and humiliated, like a loser. Also the misogyny on those sites and the rightwing mindsets is sickening. Most PUA sites are Asshole Central.

      I am trying to do something different here. I want to be seen as a regular guy. Like if I can do it, anyone can do it. I am not really bragging here, or I am trying not to. I want all you guys to have all the success you wish to with women! I’m not competing with any of you.

      I talk about what works. PUA guys always say, “Never apologize to a woman ever, about anything. No exceptions.” Wow that’s really assholey! They’re saying that apologies are deadly. Well, I’ve been apologizing to women my whole life and I’ve done great, so obviously their rule isn’t correct or at any rate, you can still do great with apologizing.

      Yep alternating between super sweet apologetic nice guy and funny, arrogant, asshole seems to work great for some reason! I’ve found the same combo is great. And yeah, funny/bad boy/nerd combination works great too, for both of us.

      But I am supposedly goodlooking and you are too, so I do wonder how much that factors into everything. I think that works works for us goodlooking men sadly may not work for men are are not so well blessed by fate in the looks department. They might need a whole new set of rules.

      There may well be separate types of Game for men at every Looks level – Game for 4-6 men, Game for 1-3 men (if it exists), Game for 7 men, Game for 8-10 men, or maybe it even breaks down further than that. What worked for me may well not work at all for a man who had not been gifted with good looks.

  2. I agree with basically everything here.

    Those guys are definitely psychopaths and lack empathy. I was a cheater and a manipulator sure, but I don’t think I lack empathy. Sounds paradoxical maybe but not to me. I had to play the psychologist; I needed empathy.

    About the 5 women in a week thing: I just plain don’t buy it! Unless he’s the exception of all exceptions: a superstar of sort. Sure, I ONCE had 5 women in a week. ONCE.

    But generally, it’s more like I’ll have good bursts of 2 women a week for about a month or two in the summer, but even that takes A LOT of energy and time, doing conversation on MSN or FB and the likes. Its hard work. The energy and drive go down after a while, and you start hibernating a bit after that. 5 a week? Come on…

    I feel like being good-looking helped us immensely. I once tried to put bad photos of me, bad takes, and the difference was huge. Tumbleweed. We got lucky!

    You’re doing a great job, you’re authentic, which is why I was attracted to this blog. At last a guy who says the real thing! Take it from a guy who was in the battlezone too.

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