PUA/Game: Former Stud with a Jinx or Hex on Him

Rep: I used to be a player in my 20s and was very successful, especially online. 100+ easily. I made them laugh, was confident, became their psychologist, etc. But then I had a relationship at age 29-32. It destroyed me on an emotional level, and she left me. Now I’m 33, it’s been like a year and a half that she left.

And it appears I have like a bad spell on me. Even my photos online don’t seem to work. The different is HUGE. I even tried using my old photos, which worked back then, and same result. It’s as if I have an aura that they don’t want, and it even telepathically gets to them or something behind their mobile screen!

Has this ever happened to you? Any tips to flush that bad spell away? It makes me crazy, like I feel like telling them: “No! No! This is mistaken identity! In actuality, I *am* a stud!”. And I was. I didn’t gain weight or anything.

First of all, I would like to say that there is no such thing as a “former stud” if you’re player skills were real and due to Looks + Game or some combination thereof. Men who get women via Fame, Power, Money, or Status – sometimes I think they are “synthetic Alphas.” I mean take any of those four things that are getting him the women away from him. Ok, now how does he do? He can’t get laid with God’s help. Ok, synthetic Alpha.

If you were getting all those women by pure Looks and skill (Game), this optimally should be a part of your personality for the rest of your life. You should always be able to plug back into that former stud self of yours. Just transport yourself back 10 years and become the guy you used to be. Float your soul out of this present mortal coil and move into that synthetic body suit of memory a decade ago. It should fit well.

As I said, this will always be a part of you, unless you screw up really bad. One thing you should do now is to make a vow that for the rest of your life, this Stud Self will always be a part of your personality.

Now as far as your problem. You may indeed have a jinx or a spell on you. And sometimes I think I have one on me and women can sense it even through the damned computer or cellphone. I know it doesn’t make sense. If this is true, then your old photos of the self that did so well back then are not working now because they are “contaminated” by some “negative force”, which would be the black energy that is jinxing or hoaxing you.

Now I have no idea if jinxes or hoaxes exist. Perhaps they work off of some known or unknown psychological mechanism. And if they exist at all, as I mentioned in the last post, they should be able to be explained by the laws of physics.

Anyone have any theories or explanations about what’s going on with our brother here? If so, what advice can we give him. Come on boys, put on those thinking caps.

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14 thoughts on “PUA/Game: Former Stud with a Jinx or Hex on Him”

  1. Oh double post! I’ll respond to this one too then.

    I was always broke, so indeed all I had was my looks and personality! I’m an introvert too, so my style was “psychologist” or “deep conversations” with plenty of wit. Actually, as crazy as this will sound, in my best year I was on welfare living on like 800$ a month! I was scoring a lot of very good-looking women.

    I have to agree with you that my former stud is still inside, but it’s like he’s trapped under a layer of negative vibrations of anguish. But I absolutely agree with you, and I am relieved to hear that he will be part of me forever. Since I’m 33 now, I wasn’t sure if it was because I left my golden 20’s.

    Since I probably won’t make a lot of money ever, I have no hope of being a synthetic player. I agree with you those exist, and they are fake. FAKE! Women with them, you can see deep in their eyes they are not proud to pass on their genes. They do for convenience. With me, in their eyes they wanted to pass on my genes (it didn’t happen though).

    I don’t believe in supernatural thing but I have to think it’s some sort of jinx. Probably vibrations are involved of some sort, which maybe in 300 years could be scientifically proven. Or maybe knowledge transmitted by synchronicity or something? Who knows?

    But empirically, it does seem to exist, right? It’s like no matter what I do, they reject me wayyyy too quickly for it to be what I say, or how I look, or even just a bad statistical stretch.

    I’ll try to shake it off or burn through it by trying and trying and trying until the spell breaks! Will report back.

    1. Let me rephrase it: Your former stud will always be a part of you if you allow him to be a part of you. If you resuscitate him and keep him alive and burning inside of you, he will never leave. I am 62 years old and that 20 year old Player of the Year still gallops within me. He’ll be there til the end.

      You really do have to figure out how to revive that person and keep him alive inside of you so you can access him ideally at any time you wish. On the other hand, you can also kill him off or just bury him so deep you can’t find him anymore.

      I strongly urge you to find this part of you, nurture it and keep it alive as long as you can, for your whole life ideally if you wish. It’s great to have that young vibrant stud that everyone loved riding the range inside of you as your body crumbles. Like in a way you somehow found the Fountain of Youth, even if it’s just a temporary mirage.

  2. I’ll take your word very seriously and revive him immediately before he dies in the abyss. I got hit pretty bad here; maybe he lost an arm or something. But he’s still alive and will come back!

    Sometimes I think about him, and I look at myself from six years ago, and I am in awe. That’s not good. I should immediately identify with him.

    Also, lately I feel like when I was 14-20 years old, when I was trying hard, and I wasn’t that good and was still shy and insecure. Then at 20-29 I exploded into major studness. Then at 29-32, the relationship. Now for a year and a half, I feel a bit like when I was at 14-20. More insecure from a series of lack of successes, which never happened at 20-29.

    Thanks for your responses!

      1. : O How did you know? Yes, French is my first language. I’m from Quebec. Thanks, I learned English online throughout my 20s.

        1. Your name LOL. Both first and last names are quite French.

          Aren’t you required to take English classes in school there in Quebec?

          Your English is pretty clean for a non-native speaker. Better than a lot of Quebecker Francophones anyway.

          1. Ahhh, gotcha !

            Yes we are required to take some English classes but they are totally useless. Good luck learning a language with one hour of class a week with half the students misbehaving and acting like clowns in the classroom !

            Well thank you, truth be told I’m not sure whether my written french is better than my written english by this point. I operate mostly online, and that means I operate mostly in english, and practice makes perfect. To be fair, written french is significantly more difficult than english in my experience.

            One thing though, is that I can’t speak very well because I never do it. I watch movies in english, read in english, write in english, but never speak from lack of opportunity.

          2. That’s not good. You should take one hour of English a day, not one a week.

            That’s interesting. Your English is interesting. You make errors but the errors are in “little stuff”, the formalities, petty things, technical errors. They don’t affect comprehension one bit.

            One thing that is interesting is that despite your errors at the mechanical level, you write pretty good “fancy English” or even “literary English.” It’s even got a nice flow to it, and sometimes it even nice a nice beat or rhythm, which is very hard to do. And you toss in some very nice figures of speech which most L2 English speakers can’t do.

            And you can see poetic writing in English. You saw that I was writing poetically or literary style in a recent post. Now I speak Spanish fairly well, but I’ll be damned if I can tell if someone is writing fancy or basic Spanish and I doubt if I would be able to spot literary or poetic Spanish. I would probably just think it’s weird and hard to translate.

            I wouldn’t be able to tell if someone was speaking fancy or poetically either. I would probably just think they didn’t make sense.

            I have heard that writing well in French is not easy. I’m not sure what’s going on exactly. I think maybe they value their written language a lot, and they prefer it to be written in “fancy French.” Or is there a Written French and a Spoken French that are different things?

          3. Thanks for the good words. You got me curious though, can you give me an example of a mechanical error I did? I agree my english level is bizarre, in that I have some things tha tI do at a high level, and other basic things which I fail.

            The most common problem are kitchen words. I’d be surprised if I used the word “fork” more than five times in 10 years of writing english. Native english speaker heard those words countless time in their childhood, but I never did.

            I also got lucky in that a lot of english words have the same etymology as french words, so the vocabulary landscape between the two languages intersects quite a bit.

            As for poetic prose, it’s about the flow and images. It’s an intuitive thing, I would hard-pressed to describe how I recognize it. One difference between you and me–I assume–is that I operate in english more than you do in spanish, because internet is primarily english. Correct me if I’m wrong. If you operated everyday all day in spanish, you might recognize the poetic twist too !

            Why is written french hard? Good question. First gut feeling would be the verb conjugaisons, the choice of time for verbs and the participe passé rules. The gender of words is not as problematic, at least for me. Most words are intuitive as to which gender they are. The ones that screw me up are usually words like “impression” or “attention” (un ou une impression, un ou une attention), because both sound pretty good to the ear.

          4. Sure.

            “Native english speaker heard those words countless time in their childhood, but I never did.”

            Not a proper English sentence, but the mistake is minor. The italicized part is wrong.

            Ways to fix it:

            Native English speakers hear
            Native English speakers have heard


            “because internet is primarily English”

            Ways to fix:

            because the Internet is primarily English

            Really you need to say:

            because the Internet is primarily in English

            Lack of in is not wrong, it’s just awkward.


            “verb conjugaisons, the choice of time for verbs”

            Conjugations misspelled, also we don’t say “choice of time.” We would say

            It’s not wrong. It’s just weird and people might not understand you.

            verb conjugations, deciding which verb tense to use


            The gender of words is not as problematic

            Nothing wrong with that, but it’s another case of “we just don’t say it like that.”

            noun genders are not as problematic
            the gender of the nouns is not as problematic
            the gender of nouns is not as problematic


            both sound pretty good to the ear

            Confusing. Sounds like they sound pretty or musical.


            both sound correct to the ear.


            As you can see, it’s just a bunch of little stuff and it’s more like “we just don’t say it that way” stuff, which is extremely hard to learn in a foreign language. Most of your errors aren’t even wrong; they’re just awkward, weird-sounding, or confusing.

        2. French is so similar to English yet so different. Well, English is 40% French. Didn’t you say you have an MA in linguistics or something like that?

          I wish I had studied linguistics in school. I know a bit about phonetics and syllables but this is such a vast subject that it cannot be covered in one or two semesters.

          1. 34% 😉 But another 33% is Latin, so English is 67%, or 2/3 Romance language. And only 28% German.

            Yes I have a Masters in Linguistics. Linguistics is a motherfucker. I read papers in it all the time. But a lot of them are quite hard to read. Some of them I simply can’t understand at all. The stuff is a workout for your brain. I still don’t understand a lot of the concepts in the field.

  3. I don’t believe in jinxes or hexes. I think it always boils down to our own choices in life. Whenever I’m having a dry spell with women, all I have to do is shake things up a bit. Change my routine and actually start talking to women. The more the merrier.

    As soon as I’m in the mood for a wild ride, I start attracting women. I think it’s like a SWITCH BUTTON that is currently off, but I can turn it on any moment. I hope that doesn’t sound arrogant because I really switch this imaginary button on whenever I’m going out to a club. It works for me.

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