45 Grave, “Evil”

Perfect song for Halloween.

Think it came out in 1982. Early LA punk rock. This is Horror Punk, Deathrock, and Gothic Rock. These folks fashioned themselves as some sort of devil worshipping maniacs. Lead singer was a woman named Dinah Cancer. Paul Cutler was the main guy in the band. I saw them twice, once in Long Beach and a year later in LA.

I went to see this gothic rock band and 45 Grave was up first. I was dating the female lead singer, and she’s slightly famous. I was also dating her best friend at the same time.

I had met them both at the same time at a rock show at the Rainbow. They both had their hands all over me as soon as they met me, total strangers. They seemed drunk. The lead singer said, “You smell like popcorn.” She had this insane look on her face. She often had an insane look on her face. That was one of my favorite things about her.

Anyway I met Paul Cutler after the show backstage. He was extremely friendly and immediately took a strong liking to me. Maybe he thought I was smart. This guy had been living in the city way too long. He was going on about some dream he had of a city of the future with trams and high speed trains going at three or four different levels all at once. The whole city was mechanized and lit up. Blade Runner style. He’d probably never been on a hike in his life.

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