The World of Men Runs on the Threat of a Punch in the Face

The truth is that Man World runs on the principle of a Punch in the Face. That’s the overriding rule behind all of Man World. You overstep your bounds, and some guy is going to hit you. Not kill you. Just hit you. And 100% of real men will defend him for that. Those men who say, “It’s against the law to ever hit another man unless he hits you!” are just wussies, cucks, and girls.

This threat tends to keep most men in line. Actually, if you go out in public and act hostile towards other men, a lot of men are going to get mad at you. Masculine and very masculine in particular will get mad at you. Why? Because you are breaking the code.

The rule is, If I Don’t Show This Guy Proper Respect, He Has a Right to Punch Me in the Face. It’s all about saving face, respect, honor, not dissing someone, etc. This is the glue that holds Man World together. Take it away and you get Syria. Even if we don’t particularly like another man, we (or at least I) suck up to him anyway. You don’t like him? Fine, pretend to like him for Chrissake.

This rule is needed because the aggression and even violence level in men is so high. We are all  pretty much Natural Born Killers.

A fight between men gets physical awful fast. And men are very strong so as soon as things get physical, someone can get hurt real quick. Not only that but male tempers spiral easily out of control and the line between a fist fight and a homicidal attack is finer than you think.

That is why when you have a group of 20 men together, one of the themes of the group is, Hey Let’s Make Sure We Don’t All Kill Each Other.

If there’s even any significant arguing in that group, other men will often jump in to shut it down real fast. Not because they are pussies but because they know how quickly hostility between men spiral into physical violence and from there into serious physical violence to near-homicidal and then to homicidal behavior. And the line between the last three is thin indeed.

Men aren’t maniacs. We fought a lot as boys but most of us don’t want to get in any more physical fights with other men as adults. It’s not that’s no fun. Fistfights are a blast in a sense. They send you right back to that evil little boy you thought you had locked up in solitary way down in your gut, never to see the light of day again.

They’re a blast and they’re terrifying at the same time. I’ve gotten in about a fistfight a year for the last 10 years. They’re fun in a way, but I generally get hurt or damaged every time (like my clothes get ripped). I would be perfectly happy to never get into another fistfight with a man again.

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One thought on “The World of Men Runs on the Threat of a Punch in the Face”

  1. As noted in my post, out-group stuff isn’t cool; in-group stuff (friends or family fighting or teasing) is normal.

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