Game/PUA: Hint: Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend Often Wants You Too

I have to tell you this. If you are dating a woman, her best friend often wants to fuck you too. If you play your cards right, you can end up fucking the best friend too. I have no idea why women do this. Maybe they are “sharing the hot guy.” Maybe it’s just manstealing. Females are notorious man thieves. They are always stealing other women’s men. They steal their best friends’ men. They’re shameless. And they’re insanely competitive in this way.

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One thought on “Game/PUA: Hint: Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend Often Wants You Too”

  1. Sometimes they pull this crap as a shit test for men. If you’re kinda talking to a girl, and you really want to fuck her, sometimes it’s better to ignore her best friend. I mean you gotta show her that you’re a loyal person. It also confuses them. The best friend will try to cock-block you, but it will only increase the sexual tension between you and the first girl you fancied.

    Try doing ’em both at the same time, and they will ditch you in plain sight. Gotta stay focused. That being said, it’s always good to be polite and friendly to the second girl. Good to show manners and high breeding.

    Most good women don’t like pigs no matter what color they are.

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