Game/PUA: Females Are Incredibly Shallow

Polar Bear: Cunts. I meet a lot of people in a day and the total bitches have been women.

Of course. Most men are pleasant. Women have no idea of how Man World works. They haven’t a clue. A lot them think we are mean and fight all the time. Often they think our sense of humor is cruel to each other. The more feminist (cunty) they are, the more they think like this.

Oh yeah. Wait til you get to be my age. No young woman (or woman period) will give me so much as the time of day, and all I get is rudimentary politeness at best. Many of them explicitly treat me as if I am not there. It’s also not uncommon for me to say something to them and have them not respond. The better looking they are, the more cunty they are like this.

The only attention I get from women period is negative attention. That is, if they are ever looking at me for any significant amount of time, it’s for a negative reason. Like “I don’t like you” or “You’re doing something wrong.”

I am used to it meaning positive attention when a woman looks at me – “I like you” or “You’re cute/hot” – so this is very confusing and hard for me to take. I get the attention, and I automatically assume it’s positive – “She likes me,” and then it dawns on me a bit later that she’s really saying, “You’re doing something wrong, asshole!” It’s discouraging and depressing.

I mean you start out thinking this person looked at you like they like you (gets your hopes up and makes you feel good) then a bit later, you realize that they actually looked at you like they hate you. It feels like a kick in the stomach.

All because of my age. I guess I am not attractive or desirable anymore due to my age, so that’s what all this crap treatment is about. I can’t believe how shallow women are. Women treated me like a king when I was goodlooking, and now that I’m not attractive anymore, they treat me like a slug on the ground.

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4 thoughts on “Game/PUA: Females Are Incredibly Shallow”

  1. I’m shocked, I’d expect Asians and Mexicans to be lining up for you on the West Coast. How close are you to Tijuana? I think the heartland of US may have the least shallow women, and NY having the most shallow. LA is known for being shallow too.

    Women should get used to fucking old men because we’re all going to be that way eventually. I think good girls are less shall – the ones that get married and make it work. Grooming and dress have more influence than it should; we look good in suits. What’s sadder than fading physical beauty is becoming ugly on the inside. Because society is backwards, most women become shallower with age, more time in the backwardness…

    1. LOL I am 62 years old. Wait til you get to be my age. I tell you what. If you love sex, have as much as you can when you are young! One day you will wake up and be 50 years old, and it will all be over. This applies to gay men too. Get out there and get laid, boys!

    2. Nah they become less shallow with age actually. And less crazy too. And a lot more sensible too – they give up on their fairy tale dream view of life. And they understand men a lot better.

      I get sugar daddy requests constantly. Easily one a week or so. I did have a 25 year old woman who would call me up and do phone sex with me, but she’s 1,000 miles away. Also I hate to say it but her sex drive is way higher than mine. And she wants me to be a sugar daddy too.

      What’s weird is a lot of women still say I am goodlooking. Even young women, 18-23, say I am hot, sexy, handsome, very handsome, etc. But then they won’t go out with me. So I guess I am still quite goodlooking for a 62 year old but apparently at my age, looks ain’t worth a shit for some reason.

      I do get young women sometimes, even 18 and 19 year old girls, but it is extremely difficult, like climbing a mountain. It’s almost impossible. If you do it, you are simply doing the impossible, which is possible. I do it on Looks (good for my age) and Game (at its peak, but now worthless). The young women I get with mostly have very serious older man fetishes. And usually Daddy issues bigtime. Father left her at age 13. Hates her father. Etc.

  2. You’ll get tons of crumpet even at 62 in Bali, Vietnam, Bangkok, any former CIS country, and even the Middle-East and India. And I don’t mean just hookers – regular women will be all over you. Just flash your US passport and you can score a date and much more.

    Hell why don’t you just drive southward to Mexico and start pulling your regular Game, then tell us how it went?

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