My Dad Loathed Blacks Strongly

He could say the meanest redneck things, but he may have had justified reason. Blacks did bully his son in the early 80s, but then again, coming from the South (and being in an military culture), he had a bias against Blacks unless they were the Gone with the Wind type LOL.

However, it wasn’t the whole scene with my dad. Secretly he was upset by the excess of redneck-ism. Like people saying “Watch that n-word run!” during football games. He actually said that wasn’t cool one time. Also, I think he was genuinely concerned about Blacks despite the front he put on. He just didn’t buy the idea that Cultural Left ideas would help Blacks, nor Economic Left ones (where he would disagree with @Robert Lindsay there).

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2 thoughts on “My Dad Loathed Blacks Strongly”

  1. Redneck is a racial slur, Jason. Your main issue is bullies calling you racial slurs. Perhaps you shouldn’t do the same.

    1. And other commentators and @Robert Lindsay don’t use racial slurs (of all types)?

      O.K., racial slurs are fine for in-group joking around, but my beef was with the out-groups, people I don’t know personally.

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