Jews Control banks? An Opposing View

But why should banks lend to people with no collateral and/or credit? Is that what these anti-Semites are howling about? Did they get refused loans cause of bad or no credit? What exactly are anti-Semites angry about here?

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4 thoughts on “Jews Control banks? An Opposing View”

  1. Holy fuck I love this blog. It’s my sanctuary from the rest of the Internet. I recently deleted my Facebook account (it is very complicated but yay, I finally did it). I’m never gonna sign up to Instagram or any other wacko social media sites. They’re a privacy disaster.

  2. Doesn’t it make more sense to hate Saudis if you’re an anti-semite? I think most labeled anti-semite just good ol’ hate Jews, nothing racial.

    1. The word anti-Semite is not literal. It’s doesn’t literally mean hatred of Semites. It effectively means Jew-hatred or Judeophobia. We can’t take words at their literal meanings.

      Words mean whatever the people who use them say they mean.

      One of the main principles of a branch of Linguistics, my field of study, called Semantics. Focuses on the meaning of words. I’m not much into Semantics frankly. My interests are in other subfields. I do deal with meanings of words though, especially in Historical Linguistics. That’s one of my fave subfields.

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