Blacks being Bullies – Yes!

Well, my brother was no limp-wrist or nerd. He was a football player but nonetheless, he couldn’t stand going to high school in the South in a mostly Black school in the early 80s. This was an army base so the intellect wasn’t as high as the Air Force base where he was before during the 70s. There was multiculturalism there but it fairly positive.

Anyway, my brother was a target because he had hair like Robert Lindsay did in the 70s LOL.

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2 thoughts on “Blacks being Bullies – Yes!”

    1. Yes, probably for a good deal of them. I mean, the Army doesn’t attract smarter recruits like the Air Force. In fact, the Army might even be one step above a prison!

      Well, it’s no disrespect to the Army – it’s just the facts.

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