Are Girls Mean? – YES!

Not all, but a lot of girls are bitches in the childish sense all the way into college. Now @Robert Lindsay was suggesting that boys had a monopoly on mean. Going into puberty, boys do have more testosterone, but they aren’t more evil.

What do mean girls hate? They viciously pick on weak boys/men and/or ones that feel have hurt them (along with other females). You don’t want to get on the bad side of these psychos or you’re finished. These types seems incurable.

If you want a glimpse of this stuff, check out the movie Welcome to the Dollhouse (girl on girl bullying).

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5 thoughts on “Are Girls Mean? – YES!”

  1. Cali girls are sluttier than Midwest ladies. Guys that have lived in both have complained, and Midwesterners are generally a little more square. Way more bisexuals in Cali – I’ve heard 100% in some areas.

    Girls can be much worse than guys, especially with group bulling. The biggest cunts usually have them.

    1. Never been anywhere in California where there were 100% bisexuals, but when I was working in Beverly Hills, I decided that 35% of men in that part of LA were either gay or bisexual. And a lot of those guys were just basically straight men who would have been regular straight guys anywhere else. But in LA and Hollywood, male homosexual behavior is groovy. It’s in, it’s cool, it’s the thing to do!

      So a lot of men start doing it because it’s what the cool kids do. I was completely disgusted by all the homosexuality in that place honestly. I don’t mind gays but this was 100% in your face 24-7 everywhere you looked, every time you turned around. I really don’t want to live anywhere anymore where there are huge numbers of out gay men. It’s really disturbing.

      1. A Californian once told me all the women were bi where he was from. Seems like a more accepting place for gay men. Small town outcasts have to more than just gay this far North though. There’s tranny that flashes everybody, even at places with kids, and is real obnoxious in general. Most outcasts are outcasts for good reason.

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