Stray Cats in the US

While there are few stray dogs in White areas, there are some stray cats in these places. We don’t really like them, but we tolerate them. Some people trap them and pay to have them neutered, which is the best policy. Also a lot of people feed them. I don’t really like it as those wild cats kill an awful lot of rodents, small reptiles like lizards, and especially birds.

Cats kill an incredible number of birds in the US every year. There’s a town called Antioch in Northern California where there are supposedly 26,000 cats and they are hammering the birds something awful. Sorry, you have to start killing them when it gets like that. The town are trying to kill a lot of those cats, but the cat-lovers are up in arms over it.

Animal control goes out, catches a dog or cat, and brings it to the “pound.” The dog or cat stays in the pound for a week or two, at which time anyone can adopt it assuming it’s not totally wild. Wild cats cannot be adopted at all, and if they have been wild even for a short time at the beginning of their lives, say 2-3 weeks, there is a wildness that gets imprinted on them that stays with them for the rest of their lives – could be 18 years.

If no one adopts the pet after a week or two, they take the animal and put it in a chamber that has some strong tranquilizing gas pumped into it. The pet more or less falls and asleep and dies soon after.

There are now no-kill shelters, which I think are irrational. My Mom loves them, as she is a cat-lover. These places somehow just house all these stray cats forever. There is one near here called Cathouse on the Kings. My Mom and sister have been there a few times. There are literally hundreds of cats on a small enclosure.

These cat-lovers don’t make sense. They’re irrational. They’re mostly women, so of course they’re irrational, right? They think we can solve the stray cat problem with catch and euthanize. It’s a great idea except it doesn’t work. We catch and euthanize lots of them, but the numbers still don’t go down, as the others are breeding, or the numbers of stray cats are always being replenished by new stray cats.

A lot of stray cats are former pets. I adopted one once. This is a part of White culture that is no good. It’s ignorant working class White culture. People move and when they move, they usually don’t take their cats. For one thing, cats don’t travel well at all.

A lot of Whites like this turn their cats loose in the wild instead of taking them to the pound and killing them as you are supposed to. They think it’s more humane to turn the animal loose in the woods somewhere than to take it to the pound and kill it.

Except it’s not, really. Most former pets turned loose die horrible deaths maybe a week or two after being abandoned. I have seen what appear to be former pet cats when I was out walking in the woods. One was emaciated and looked ill. But it wouldn’t let me near it. Most former pets don’t know how to hunt or survive in the wild very well.

Or these working class Whites refuse to fix their female, so it has kittens. $25 is just too much money. She has kittens a lot and they just take the kittens out and abandon them somewhere. I have no idea if other ethnicities do this. I know that middle class Whites think working class Whites are disgusting morons for throwing their cats out to the wild like that.

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6 thoughts on “Stray Cats in the US”

  1. Certain invasive birds like black starlings are too numerous and cats should kill them. Problem is cats aren’t racist.

    1. Yeah, I would love it if they killed starlings or house sparrows, or better yet, brown-headed cowbirds! Those are all pests. Starlings and house sparrows are basically illegal aliens, introduced species from Europe that took over because they lacked predators here.

      Brown-headed cowbirds are not native west of the Mississippi and only spread west with the clearing of the Western forests and particularly the introduction of large scale cow grazing. Somehow or other cowbirds are associated with livestock.

      They are parasitical birds that lay eggs in other birds’ nests. The cowbird chick is much larger than the real chicks of the mother bird, so it outcompetes the real offspring and gets most of the food. The mother bird of the parasitized species is too stupid to figure out that the cowbird chick is not one of her offspring.

      A lot of birds in the West have severely declined due to cowbirds. Southwestern Willow Flycatcher is one. Yellow Warblers and Western Cuckoo Birds have also declined.

  2. Most shelters can’t keep up with all the idiots abandoning their cats. I see mostly Whites working at shelters but also feed a bunch of strays. 26,000 cats running around N. Cali like refugees is likely a product of Whites love over logic mentality.

  3. Getting listed as unadoptable means little. The true test is how the cat behaves in your home, not prison. What do we do with all the strays? I hear North Israel is similar to North California.

  4. You consider house sparrows a pest? That’s strange. They’re rather puny, and chirping is all they do.

    Not that I wouldn’t mind a whole bunch of sparrows boiled in a broth. I once tried bird’s nest soup in Thailand, it was exotic. It tastes just like chicken meat, with a buttery crunch. A true gourmet dish from what I remember.

    1. They’re horrible. They’re pests. They’re non-native and they take over whole areas, driving out native species. I will say they are very adaptable. There tend to be large populations of them in cities because they adapt well to living in large cities while a lot of native birds do not.

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