Modern Science Has It All Backwards

This is what science is boiling down to nowadays – a School of Negativity where we spend most of our time shooting down theories and saying there’s not enough evidence for them, while offering no substitute theories or offering substitute theories that are pathetically bad.

I do not believe that scientific theory is like a court of law. Theories do not need to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and they’re pretty much all up for grabs anyway and “only true for now” or “true until we can come up with a better explanation.” Instead, I believe that when you have competing theories, you simply choose the theory that best explains the evidence. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It can have holes itself and believe me, most “proven” theories have all sorts of holes. Filling in the holes comes after you prove the theory.

We have gotten away from that in science and instead of being in the business of explicating what the truths and mechanisms behind the world are, what we are doing is explaining what the truths and mechanisms of the world are not, without offering any alternate explanation or offering an  alternate theory that is pathetically bad and much worse and less explanatory than the theory that is being shot down for “lack of evidence.”


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One thought on “Modern Science Has It All Backwards”

  1. Modern science ignores the health benefits of homeopathy and considers it a pseudoscience on the basis of so-called lack of evidence. If you even bring up the topic of homeopathy with the smug science dudes, they will be so angry and defensive. I think I was banned from Straightdope for defending homeopathy. They thought of me as a rustic and a cult member. LOL, homeopathy is a cult.

    It’s worked for me so many times. They dismissed it as the “placebo effect” without even considering what that thing means. Even with conventional medicine, the placebo effect is more pronounced compared to homeopathy.

    Homeopathy is a poor man’s treatment system, and it works. You can cure cough, cold, sinus, skin diseases, Alzheimer’s, back pain, almost any condition on homeopathy alone.

    Hell, the British Royal family has been dependent on homeopathy at least since Queen Victor’s time. Queen Elizabeth II is in her 90s now. If it works for the British royals, it’s good enough for me.

    There’s a site called RationalWiki, these dudes are full of “real science”. They make fun of every belief system. A true circle-jerk system.

    They should probably do some kind of scientific research on the psychology of circle-jerk trolls.

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